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What would you like to see next from Razer?

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ISO layouts on keyboards
One of my friends loves my Tartarus V2, however she has absolutely tiny hands is there any chance of a small hand version of it?
Support for Mac on Synapse 3. I would love to use my Kraken Kitty Headsets to the full potential and not have to load up bootcamp whenever i want to use them!
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I'd rather have an Armadillo v3 Chroma!

Never known about the Aramadillo before, but i agree that a chroma version would be great.
I'd rather have an Armadillo v3 Chroma!

yeah that would be great too!
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34" ultrawide hd monitor with 1440p resolution running at 144hz or higher for a reasonable price :big_grin_:
Considering the new line-up of products that you announced - all I need is just a new Razer Megalodon. Just make it green (or chroma) and I WILL GIVE YOU MONEY. :D

No disrespect for the rest of the headsets from Razer but the original Megalodon is still the best gaming headset that I have ever tested and played with so I think it is time to get a new edition. 😉
Mercury White chroma headset base station.
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Aftet mogul esports went belly up, new ways to earn zsilver would be great:D
Something a little bit out there. I would like to see an ARGB pet water bowl with a sensor that tells me when the water is below a certain level. (surprisingly difficult to see how much water there is in the bowls i use currently). Just think it would be super cool to have a black anodized aluminium water bowl with the razer symbol glowing on the side XD Be like the toaster 😛
I would like to see

- More on Project Christine. Maybe a prototype to get manufacturers interested
- Razer Monitors, 23/27 (16:9) or 24/28 (16x10) QHD or higher resolution, at least one version with Gsync
- more Chroma products. I'd like to see the Orochi, the Mamba, the Ouroburos, and the keypads all get chroma.
- A version of the keypads with a trackball mouse for the thumb.
- Blade and blade pro with mechanical keyboards (chroma of course), and with Thunderbolt. The thunderbolt would facilitate some awesome docks and it would be great if Razer would make a PCIe dock to allow external graphics cards. Even without a PCIe dock by Razer I wouldn't mind having thunderbolt to allow for daisy chaining and cleaning up my desk some.
- wireless versions of black widow?
- new controllers for next generation of consoles, (ps4, Xbox one, and one for new SSB for wii U) preferably an Xbox one controller that is PC compatible
- make your own design Razer mouse pads. Upload a cool image and have Razer print it on a Goliathus or Kabuto or other compatible mousepad
- a larger Kabuto would be nice for those of us with 14-17 inch laptops
- a new Razer case, preferably a mini or micro case, something discrete for us gamers who have spouses that hate giant towers
- orbweaver and Tartarus for lefties (that is to be used by the right hand) because looking at the pictures it doesn't look like these are ambidextrous.

That's all I can think of for now....
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They tried at least! There's just not enough people for it though.

I honestly wish they would do another Kickstarter campaign but for a new Razer Orbweaver or mechanical keypad that is compatible with Synapse 3. I would really love to buy an opto-mechanical Razer keypad compatible with Synapse 3 but it doesn't look like Razer has any plans for it.
mocked up an image , because it'd be so dang awesome! (just a concept obviously)
I would say 2.1 speakers or Chroma Tartarus/Orbweaver. I tend to like the Tartarus better myself.
i would love to see the wearables come back. the nabu x currently for sale is a good product but i would love to replace my nabu or even get the nabu watch
As we're closing off the year and prepping for the new one, I'd love to hear from the community what new products you'd like to see in 2015. Let me know in the comments below!

I need a wide mouse and thought I would ask if you can make it a reality. I would like a mouse with the right side support of the Naga, and a left side support of the Basilisk. The most comfortable mouse I have ever owned was the OCZ Behemoth. https://www.newegg.com/ocz-technology-behemoth/p/N82E16826100010 I figured, since you already have the molds for both side support, it would probably be pretty easy to combine the two into a mouse with the same features as the Basilisk V2. I'd bet it would be a big seller. I can't be the only one searching for a wide mouse. Sure hope I just helped make a new product! I can't wait to buy one!
How about a extended Gigantus! Would love to have one that is longer I love the gigantus and it is by far the best mouse pad I have used (in my opinion). Come on guys at razer make my gaming set up dreams come true.
mercury viper mini, mercury alot of thing actually
An update on a left-handed model that isn't the Naga. A V2 Pro, a Click, a Mamba, even a Basilisk.

Believe me, I loved the DA Essential, but the thing is a tank by modern standards. I've asked other peripheral companies, Logitech, Zowie, Dream Machines, Glorious, Cooler Master, Steelseries, Xtrfy... Others I've forgotten. The most common answer that I've gotten is "but Razer does that". AFAIK, there's never been another revision or update on the left-handed DA (2010!?). I want you to be my left-handed homies but throw me a bone.
I would just like the Orbweaver to be ported over to Synapse 3.0. Then I could have everything on one deal ya know.
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Razer toaster 🙌
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Project Linda :)

Oh yeah !
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isn't the Razer Turret the one you are looking for?

No like a handheld. Meaning something like those keypads you see on Amazon for Android TV.

OR LIKE WHEN Xbox controllers had the keypad attachment.


Like this but not trash.

Also RZR needs a compact mobile platform. Like a GPD Win/2 running windows 10 but a slider like a Sony UX Micro PC. With touchscreen, controller, WIFI, BT, SSD, Nvidia graphics, 24 bit audio.... Literally all the fixins. Just as mobile platform.


Like this but for gamers.


This but slider

Ignore broken link. Could not fix myself.

I have an idea for a Gaming PC and I'm curious if anyone out there is crazy enough to see things the way I do. I personally view gaming "portability" quite a bit differently than the current trend of slimmer/lighter. What good is a super slim gaming machine, if the controller, and in my case controller(s) make the need for a "bag" inevitable? What about a mouse and usb cords, etc? So my own crazy dream is to have a massive (22-27") all-in-one gaming tablet that includes on-board storage (and charging of course) for two controllers, a keyboard, and a gaming mouse (and other things), All the while still being very easy to unplug and move at a moment's notice, without any bag or case needed. It's like a Desktop Gaming PC, only you can move it into the next room easily, or toss it into the back seat of your car, no problem.

Razer to partner and Support Gigabyte RGB Fusion to control Mother Board and Fan RGB within Synapse! Please!