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What would you like to see next from Razer?

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As we're closing off the year and prepping for the new one, I'd love to hear from the community what new products you'd like to see in 2015. Let me know in the comments below!

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A mouse that is quiet, Wired, No rubber, All good durable plastic/metal.
Office footrest from razer.
Synapse 3 for Macs please!!!
I just recently purchased a Tartarus Pro at the suggestion of a gamer friend. I am missing a finger and metacarpal. I am a female, so naturally my hand is smaller. I find the Tartarus Pro is way too big. With the palm rest on the device, my fingers don't even come close to touching the top row of buttons. I've since removed the palm rest and it's helped some, but still hard to reach that top row of buttons.

So - in a future design, can you make a Tartarus Pro with a woman's hand in mind? Meaning, a smaller keypad with button placement within an easier reach for shorter fingers and overall, smaller hands. In my case, a bit different overall for me since I do lack a finger and metacarpal, but mainly, a smaller keypad for smaller hands.

Thank you.
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I'd like to see from Razer something like Predator Thronos.
I would like a version of Synapase that doesn't use more resources than Google Chrome. I constantly updates itself and reinstalls the modules I've uninstalled. It has more than tripled the boot times on my laptop. Can we get a menu to uninstall all the bloat at once and a checkbox to not have them reinstall? Great hardware, but I've stopped using it becuase the drivers are too annoying.

Can we just get a driver only version?
As we're closing off the year and prepping for the new one, I'd love to hear from the community what new products you'd like to see in 2015. Let me know in the comments below!
I wanted to buy the Razer 15 Laptop in Quartz but when I go to the page it says 404 not found. My heart sank. Are they not restocking? Where can I find one?
It may seem silly but it might sell. How about a usb 'on the air' or 'live' sign that would activate upon pressing the go live button in OBS. Could do stuff with colors etc. Would be relatively cheap to manufacture, one would think, but would be popular enough to be profitable.
A better gaming desk different from other companies.
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34" ultrawide hd monitor with 1440p resolution running at 144hz or higher for a reasonable price :big_grin_:
I have a razer kraken x 2020 and I think i should have changed due to the following problems that sugeram: first microphone does not detect much the voice of the person (I have tested on other devices) and the second is in its structural form, in my case, I do not need the increase of ears but the problem of this is that the strip where it has the numbers makes a small force within its storage structure and makes the main structure if knows to snap slowly. If you need to send photo of this problem

Another these headsets should be more than 6months
Under Desk Headset mount

I would like to see a TKL wrist rest and a TKL travel case.
Would love to see some Chroma PC fans. More pc components. Chroma AIO Cooler, RAM etc....
I'd like to see software that works reliably.

I've been using Razer products for over 20 years. My first mouse was a Boomslang (Excellent quality, just a bit too big) and the hardware has always been great.

But the software is another matter. It's always been poor in one way or another. First of all they stored the profiles only in the cloud so if you lost your internet connection you lost your profile.

Now it is just irritatingly unreliable. Sometimes Synapse doesn't detect both of my devices. I have a Black Widow keyboard and a Lancehead mouse. For no apparent reason sometimes it will detect the mouse and not the keyboard, sometimes the other way round. Occasionally Synapse fails to load altogether.

Honestly, I'm on the point of giving up and going for something else. The only reason I'm still using a Razer mouse is as a southpaw the choices are limited. Most manufacturers only accommodate right handed people.
Razer Phone 2 support and Razer Phone 3 release will all bugs and features fixed but with a much better camera and mic system.
Synapse for Mac Support, please!
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I would love to see how cool a Monitor made by Razer itself! Just thinking my Viper Ultimate + Razer BlackWidow V3 + Razer monitor, Wow! Can't help my self smiling.
please make an ouroboros 2, since my ouroboros died, i havent even thought about gaming on PC i need one
More keyboard choices for laptops (Azerty-BE) please
A mouse similar to the Logitech MX Vertical would be welcome.
Something a little bit out there. I would like to see an ARGB pet water bowl with a sensor that tells me when the water is below a certain level. (surprisingly difficult to see how much water there is in the bowls i use currently). Just think it would be super cool to have a black anodized aluminium water bowl with the razer symbol glowing on the side XD Be like the toaster 😛
viper mini mercury please
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I'd love to see a Chroma USB fan for cooling down us (the user).

It's got a cable anyway so it makes sense.

I was actually very surprised that Razer don't sell this already, I mean you have glasses and straws 😉.