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What would you like to see next from Razer?

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oh and more sneki snek stuff
Keyboard dust cover.
a mercury White blade pro
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the viper mini mercury edition! please

Viper Mini Ultimate Mercury* 🙂
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I'd want Synapse to get a lot more support and progression to be more stable.
An addition to the Cortex - Squad Rewards tab allowing team leaders to put a MOTD for the team since not all can or will join Discord servers.
I would love to see the Razer phones getting a little attention such as firmware updates Android 10 would be really nice
At the moment I have this mouse pad -


It's very comfortable to game on, Very soft surface with what feels like a gel underlayer and it has a wrist rest filled with a type of gel for added support aswell, I'd love to see Razer come up with something like this, Not garish though.
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At the moment I have this mouse pad -


It's very comfortable to game on, Very soft surface with what feels like a gel underlayer and it has a wrist rest filled with a type of gel for added support aswell, I'd love to see Razer come up with something like this, Not garish though.

There is Vespula V2 mouse pad (with wrist rest included), but it was released some time ago, and it'll be hard to get it.
Please add a 3.5mm headphone jack to your next-generation Kishi controllers for iOS and Android! If you do it, I'll buy both iterations!
Synapse 3 or anything that would help us use all the products on Mac OS, please
Make the Orochi v3 ambidextrous (add the back/forward buttons to the right side) and allow it to have wired capabilities (so it can have all 3 connection standards: wired, BT, and RF) and I'll be sold!
As we're closing off the year and prepping for the new one, I'd love to hear from the community what new products you'd like to see in 2015. Let me know in the comments below!

I need a wide mouse and thought I would ask if you can make it a reality. I would like a mouse with the right side support of the Naga, and a left side support of the Basilisk. The most comfortable mouse I have ever owned was the OCZ Behemoth. https://www.newegg.com/ocz-technology-behemoth/p/N82E16826100010 I figured, since you already have the molds for both side support, it would probably be pretty easy to combine the two into a mouse with the same features as the Basilisk V2. I'd bet it would be a big seller. I can't be the only one searching for a wide mouse. Sure hope I just helped make a new product! I can't wait to buy one!
please bring back the quartz blade (non stealth model) as a normal color and not a limited time model, and not with a worse graphics chip

im now looking for a secondhand 2019 quartz model with a 2060 because of this
Less software intrusion.
mercury viper mini, mercury alot of thing actually
Pleaseeee make a MMO mouse in the Quartz color to match the headset and keyboard!
I own a Hunstman V2 and I would love for Synapse to have a switch or programmable binding specifically for the Analog Keyboards/Keypads to be able to turn off/disconnect all detection of the razer analog "controller" being connected within the press of a button. I need this dearly so I can play some games that won't let me play with M/KB input due to the game thinking there is a controller connected or sometimes the game decides to switch up the menus made for a controller because of it.

Having to uninstall controller drivers or remove the device altogether just to have a temporary fix is very tedious and annoying when having a binding or switch to disconnect the controller input from the keyboard would be much easier.

Also as a suggestion, can you guys contact game devs or companies to natively support the Analog inputs from your Keyboards or Keypads (needing synapse of course because it is razer) just like how chroma can be natively supported? This would make in game bindings much easier and less glitchy to map with the secondary actions and analog inputs being native. I would love to play games with native analog support.

Thank you and I hope either feedback gets implemented. It would make my high price of $250 for my keyboard much more worth it.
Hi.. Naga left hand exclusive. Wirelles. If impossible . Price..
Gaming desk.
I'd like a toggle in Synapse3 to completely turn of chroma control for individual devices (like my RGB Controller or Goliathus Extended), so OpenRGB/Artemis can control them without interference from Synapse3. (It'd give me a more detailed and coordinated control over the RGB in my PC case and on my desk!)
Im an old Gamer here and using your products for over two decades and im talking from where you guys started with "Boomslang 1000/2000" to what i have today (headsets 3 - Kraken, Nari Ultimate and Man'o War, keyboards 2 - Blackwidow and Huntsman, mouses 5 -Lancehead, Naga Epic Chroma (2012), Orochi, Ouroboros and Basilisk, headphone stand 2, phone charger pad, mug, microphone 2 (Siren and Siren Mini), Nomo Pro, Leviathan) and i think i miss few of the older ones that i give them to my son like Anansi, Electra, Taipan and First Firefly, but lets get back to what im here for: i got here cause one major issue "NO Mac OS support anymore?"
That means that i have to put over 5000 pound (British pounds) in the bin cause Razer decided to let down Mac users, this is outrageous, i do understand that is hard work and cost money but our community which plays World of Warcraft (and im talking here for about another 718 souls that plays this game on a Mac and we all use your products cause are made for Gaming, Right?).... Well ... i was wrong, they just normal keyboards, mice, headphones and so on without any Razer driver support (especially in gaming i can call this useless peripherals) - no macros, no customisation ... NOTHING !!! According to statistics there quite few of us out here (Mac Users that use Razer products) and im talking about 27.856% of your total sale and i believe that we deserve something to be done about it (i don't mind being a light version or whatever version will be as long as they work).

We still love you and we still are going to buy your products (probably sometimes just because they look nice and made you feel better - just a joke!), but we are used to them and now we cant do anything about it!

From the bottom of our hearts, please do something for us!

Kind Regards,
Dear Razer,

After these years, i would like to give a feedback of my Razer experience. My first keyboard was Blackwidow Chroma V1 and i got it as a birthday gift on 2015. I immediately fell in love with that keyboad. It is still working up until this day. Over the years, i had collected all Razer keyboard up to 2019 models. Blackwidow X, Blackwidow Chroma, Ornata(1st version), Deathstalker and even 2 of the Razer bag(Utility backpack & Rogue). You name it, i have it. I was a proud Razer user back then. Then came the mice, Razer Mamba wireless which is the first ever Razer mice i had. The experience was very nice, the adjustable click force and weight are just impeccable. After 6-7 months, the battery life gone down drastically. From 5-6 hours non stop gameplay a day to 40min at best for now. Im the kind of user that doesnt go for RMA mainly coz im lazy. Another issue with it was the RGB on wireless. After the battery life gone bad, the RGB lighting on the mice doesnt give out maximum brightness in wireless mode whereas it work well on wired mode but whats the point of having a wireless mouse and still needed to use wired mode. Still, i had faith in Razer. I went on to get a Razer Lance Head and also a Razer Manowar. First, Lance head did about same with Mamba. Battery life gone really bad in just few months period. Now it can run up to 1 hour non stop gameplay. Worst of all was the Manowar(i had a kraken 7.1 V1 as well but given to a friend). I has a rather wide head. The first time i put it on, the razer plastic plate at the top side broke off right away. That was before i even powered up the headset. i glued it back. The headset makes a lot of squeky sound around the plastic ware. Just so you know, i got a gift Steelseries arctis 7 from a friend and i sold it to get a new Manowar without even trying out the A7 headset. That is how much compassion i had to Razer. Its sad to see the quality of mice and the Manowar given the price is not cheap at any point. In a nutshell, it was a great experience working with Razer peripherals till it last.

P.S - The Lance Head RGB works well. Just the battery life awful.
An update on a left-handed model that isn't the Naga. A V2 Pro, a Click, a Mamba, even a Basilisk.

Believe me, I loved the DA Essential, but the thing is a tank by modern standards. I've asked other peripheral companies, Logitech, Zowie, Dream Machines, Glorious, Cooler Master, Steelseries, Xtrfy... Others I've forgotten. The most common answer that I've gotten is "but Razer does that". AFAIK, there's never been another revision or update on the left-handed DA (2010!?). I want you to be my left-handed homies but throw me a bone.
Razer Slides when?