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What would you like to see next from Razer?

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As we're closing off the year and prepping for the new one, I'd love to hear from the community what new products you'd like to see in 2015. Let me know in the comments below!

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PROJECT CHRISTINE, Talon and Eidolon... But i need see one Oculus Rift Made By razer, With all acessories possible... Or one Google Glass made by razer... or Something Musical. no headphone, But one Guitar, Bass or Keyboard... Razer can make all invention, but better :3
Joistick monitor shoes and pants 😃 and gear will be full 😃
I would love to see more products were you collaborate with other companies to provide RAZER design products like razer design gaming chair and stuff like that.

Most importantly I would love to see more durability in the products. I love you products design and comfort but they lack durability. My products gets broken within an year. It might be my wrong handling but I am not careless with them too.
Razer Monitor and Gaming Chair and Love, I love you Razer.
i suggest a razer monitor
I would like to see

- More on Project Christine. Maybe a prototype to get manufacturers interested
- Razer Monitors, 23/27 (16:9) or 24/28 (16x10) QHD or higher resolution, at least one version with Gsync
- more Chroma products. I'd like to see the Orochi, the Mamba, the Ouroburos, and the keypads all get chroma.
- A version of the keypads with a trackball mouse for the thumb.
- Blade and blade pro with mechanical keyboards (chroma of course), and with Thunderbolt. The thunderbolt would facilitate some awesome docks and it would be great if Razer would make a PCIe dock to allow external graphics cards. Even without a PCIe dock by Razer I wouldn't mind having thunderbolt to allow for daisy chaining and cleaning up my desk some.
- wireless versions of black widow?
- new controllers for next generation of consoles, (ps4, Xbox one, and one for new SSB for wii U) preferably an Xbox one controller that is PC compatible
- make your own design Razer mouse pads. Upload a cool image and have Razer print it on a Goliathus or Kabuto or other compatible mousepad
- a larger Kabuto would be nice for those of us with 14-17 inch laptops
- a new Razer case, preferably a mini or micro case, something discrete for us gamers who have spouses that hate giant towers
- orbweaver and Tartarus for lefties (that is to be used by the right hand) because looking at the pictures it doesn't look like these are ambidextrous.

That's all I can think of for now....
I would love to see a Razer Chimeara 5.1 with chroma dock 😃
I'm hoping for a Razer Monitor or a Razer Surround Sound Speaker set. This way you can build a full Razer set-up!
More chroma! Razer Megalodon chroma would rock!
More profiles for Deathadder chroma!
-Headphones competing with the likes of Sol Republic and Beats Solo. Adaro is nice but something smaller would be awesome :)
-Also, some replacement cables for the Electra/Kraken Forged. I mean seriously, we have the possibility to change the cables, so why not sell them in case they break (my case)
-Project Christine would also be really, really cool. I know it will take some time, but make it happen Razer!
-A gamepad which supports Android phones (you've made Junglecat so why not)
I'd love to see Razer have some more joystick based peripherals, possibly even a steering wheel.
Space game making a come back, not a hard choice for me in having Razer HOTAS as well. Taking into consideration how little high quality HOTAS is currently readily available in market (and at a massively marked up price due to demand now). Would make sense from a business and gaming community prospective.
Happy 2015 Razer!

With the #FreeYourMindTheme, my guess would be either:
1. VR Headset - either collaborated or competing with Oculus rift.
2. Motion Sensing Inputs - (perhaps via Nabu) for gesture gaming on the PC.
Joistick monitor shoes and pants 😃 and gear will be full :D

Oh, your comment on shoes makes me think... a footpod for the Nabu would be really cool!
Would love to see Razer do something with VR since it's all the rage these days.
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For the 2015 refresh of the razer blade, apart from the GPU / CPU upgrade, I would love to see:

- Thinner body
- OLED display
- Do something with the Switchblade UI, redesign it or remove it completely.
- Unibody aluminium chasis.
I really want a capture device so I can plug my console in to my laptop and record. Something like an El Gato or Blackmagic Intensity.
2015 Razer Blade Edition!
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As we're closing off the year and prepping for the new one, I'd love to hear from the community what new products you'd like to see in 2015. Let me know in the comments below!

Wireless Razer naga or Minecraft mouse!
I would say 2.1 speakers or Chroma Tartarus/Orbweaver. I tend to like the Tartarus better myself.
Make a VR headset! With cool motion sensitive controllers!
Project Christine should be nice
I'd like to see the Nabu released and maybe a second version announced at CES 2016 with even more features.
Make wearable headgear with 360 vision capability and HD screens
i would love to see a razer gaming chair. Maybe with chroma too 😉