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where is the sub forum for Razer Core X Chroma ?

  • 25 June 2021
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Razer web site is weird, this forum is crazy...

i received a Threat Email from Support.

i`m starting to regret having purchased the
Razer Core X Chroma

#1. i don`t like the PSU
does Not say what Efficiency level is?
it`s Not 80 Plus Certified..
just a Lite-On High Efficiency,

#2. Razer Core X Chroma is Not Small Form Factor compatible.
= i cannot replace the PSU with a Certified 80 Plus SFF-L

#3. Fans are the lowest quality possible.

#4. Case is made from steel, Not aluminum.
= Heavy and does Not dissipate heat as good.

#5. Does Not have Carry Handle.

#6. PCB does Not have 2x PCIe x16 slots.
sometimes i need other cards...
some GPUs are single width,
multi monitor setup, or SFP+ Network card, or Video Capture, or Sound Cards,
very limited.

#6. does Not have hole for 2 screws in the mounting bracket.
= Not safe.

#7. Does Not have Full Length PCIe plastic mount support, like All Apple MacPros more than 10 years ago..

i don`t know why eGpu io rate this Core X Chroma crap #1 in the world.

i was gonna buy the 2nd unit, but the Threat email, was the last drop.

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