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Your product is no longer covered by Razer's Limited Warranty? WTF

  • 25 June 2023
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Hi everyone,


After few 11 month  of using my Viper Mini I got issue with wheel , however when I check status of my warranty it on razer website ( you must put SM number )  say’s Your product is no longer covered by Razer's Limited Warranty ??? I’m living in Netherlands and in Europe we have 2y of warranty. So what I must do know whit my broken mouse?  Can someone  help me with my question ? 


ps after I submit SN , I get next page with information that a motioned, ONLY solution what RAZER give me is to go to  FORUM WTF ?!?! is that? 


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@Razer.Speedcr0ss or @Razer.Zionzedd ?

Yes, you’re right - all Razer mouses have 2 years of limited warranty.

Btw. I assume your device is properly registered with your Razer ID account?

everything I “fine” now, support tell me to cut wite from mouse and after I send confirmation they send mail that they do not have this mouse anymore !!!!!!! big LOL I get another mouse from Razer but it’s to big for me . So or they will give my money  back or they must send me good mouse instead.



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Yup. Viper Mini is no longer produced. What they proposed? Almost the same size/design have the new Razer Cobra (wired) mouse, so it’ll be a perfect equivalent for Viper Mini.

They send me Viper 8k , but it’s not same as Viper mini  - my hands are small so Viper 8k is  complete useless to me ! yes I agree to take Viper 8k but they didn't give me other option for example RAZER DEATHADDER V2 MINI or RAZER COBRA. I ask if I can exchange and they say.. basically f.. you , you agree already you have your mouse - so shout up. 

So Disappointment - As I have  everything from RAZER !  but maybe time to say good buy...