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Zepherus g14 vs razer stealth 13 2020

  • 3 December 2020
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So, I am in need of a new computer. I am heading off to college this fall and I want a computer that will last me all 4 years and at the same time, allow me to have some fun gaming in my spare time. I have watched review videos and read articles of both computers and I am having trouble deciding.

I really want to get the stealth 13 because I'm a Razer person. I love the build quality and the design. I had a blade 15 from 2015 and absolutely loved it. The stealth 13 to me looks fantastic. It is sleek, modern, and doesn't scream gaming laptop. With the 120hz screen in the 2020 model it is almost everything I could want in a laptop.

However, I stumbled upon the Asus zepherus G14. It had better graphics with the Gtx 2060 vs the gtx 1650 ti. It also has a bigger battery. As well as a better processor. And on top of that, it is about $300 cheaper.

I am asking for some advice on which computer you think i should get. I am leaning towards the G14 as it is more powerful for less money.

All the best!

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