2018 Razer Blade 15 Advanced - Weird Battery Drain/Estimate Issue

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Phaedru5, Aug 18, 2019.

  1. Phaedru5

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    So, I've run into a weird issue with the battery. Purchased the laptop about a month ago. I've used it mostly plugged in so far while gaming, but recently have been watching twitch streams unplugged. While just watching a stream, my battery estimate will show a random number 2hrs, then 1hr, then 7hrs, then 5 hrs. etc. I've got every power savings setting to max, undervolt, disabled turbos, etc. No background apps running. Screen brightness at 25%. HWmonitor shows my battery health at 98%. Windows 10, 1903 build. Something is randomly draining my battery, or the estimate is totally off, but I can't figure it out. I'm attempting to calibrate today, running an independent timer in the background. Will let the machine deplete itself and shutdown, then charge back up to full... Any ideas on what might be going on, what to look for? Battery troubleshoot shows no issues. The Nvidia GPU is NOT active, everything running off the iGPU.

    [edit] As I made this post, my estimate bounced from 2.75hrs, to 3.5hrs, 4.5hrs, and is now sitting back at 3.5hrs. No load change whatsoever. 95% battery.
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  2. Phaedru5

    Phaedru5 New Member

    I seem to have fixed it. I'm now getting a consistent ~10hr estimate @100% on Better Battery mode. It actually reads only half that in Battery Saver mode, which is super weird... I don't understand what that's about, but the previous issue was some program eating up battery in the background. I think it was either Razer Cortex and affiliated programs (Synapse/Chroma), or FutureMark, a 3DMark addon. Like I said, 10hr estimate in Better Battery mode now, and holding... Anyone know what sort of bug would make Battery Saver eat up more battery?

    [edit] Nvm, Battery Saver seems to be giving a slightly longer (15min) estimate than Better Battery now... Maybe some background task kicked in coincidentally when I switched modes and has since turned back off...

    [edit 2] After 5 min in Battery Saver the estimate tanked to 5hrs. Put it back in Better Battery and it's holding at 10hrs again. Something is kicking on while in Battery Saver for some reason?...
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