2020 Razer Tomahawk - What's in the box?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Cobalt_Wraith, Oct 13, 2020.

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  1. Cobalt_Wraith

    Cobalt_Wraith New Member

    Does anyone have the inside scoop on what comes with the new Razer Tomahawk cases? I preordered the new ITX case, just curious what fans I need to pick up. The only unboxing I can find online so far doesn't seem to have any fans pre-mounted and all the early reviews are just using the stock pictures.

    Also can I hear some applause that there is finally a Tomahawk we can order? I've been waiting to either pick up or build an SFF in a razer case, I'm glad this one is available!
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  2. xCryptik

    xCryptik Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Hi @Cobalt_Wraith,
    What is inside the accessories pack of the Razer Mini-ITX?
    The accessories pack consist of:
    1. Screws for motherboard x6

    2. Anti-vibration rings for 2.5" SSD / 3.5" HDD mount x12

    3. Screws for PSU mount x4

    4. Screws for 2.5" SSD mount x12

    5. Thumbscrew for 2.5" HDD mount x1

    6. Screws for fan mount x24

    7. Hook and loop straps x6
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  3. DimStef

    DimStef Member

    This is interesting, i was watching the case too.
  4. soloIndigoGARNET229

    soloIndigoGARNET229 New Member

    Are any case fans included? If so how many and what are their dB/A and m³/h specs?
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  5. drabarni

    drabarni New Member

    le boitier ATX Tomahawk est actuellement en rupture de stock !
    quand sera t'il de nouveau disponible ?
  6. soloIndigoGARNET229

    soloIndigoGARNET229 New Member

    I received mine last Wednesday and can confirm there are no fans included but it does support one 120mm intake fan or 120mm radiator on the front and has a filter, one 120mm exhausted fan on the rear, two 120mm fans or one 240mm radiator on the top, and 2 120mm fans on the bottom without a filter. The bottom fans may not fit with all graphics cards.
  7. jerjergege

    jerjergege New Member

    Does anyone know if this case is compatible with any vertical GPU riser / brackets.
    Like the LianLi, Phantex, or Cable Mods ones.
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