20H2 Naga double click glitch

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by mikelprs, Apr 20, 2021.

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  1. mikelprs

    mikelprs New Member

    Since the update, I've been having a glitch where the LMB is registering a double or a single click. I've done the regular troubleshooting of testing it in another computer for hardware, deleting all the software and re-installing, just that one particular mouse (naga mmo molten edition) doesn't left click correctly on the new update.

    It also stopped syncing correctly with synapse. I was undetected by synapse 2.0, which I then re-installed, remained undetected, uninstalled, installed synapse 3 which detected it as legacy hardware, directed me to the synapse 2.0 download, which I re-installed again, at which time it was detected without issue (I think the pulse led effect was missing, but I wasn't really concerned), but the left click error remained.

    Swapping to both a generic Microsoft and FPS mouse (asus or thermaltake, the wave logo) solved the issue, but I've become very used to having the added button functionality of my old naga, but a functional left click on the current Windows OS is certainly an issue for me.
Thread Status:
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