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Discussion in 'Mobile' started by cubeover, May 20, 2019.


Only me or anybody else?

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  1. cubeover

    cubeover New Member

    I am posting just to get a feeling is that only my specimen issue, or does someone else have the same/similar issue.
    When I use the supplied Camera app, take few pictures, switch to 2x camera, maybe wander to Video and back, then suddenly (not always) when I switch to 2 x camera (or zoom) the Camera app "freezes" and stays frozen. I have got to close the camera and restart it (is starts in 1x mode and works) but then the phone is "spoiled" until I restart it - e.g. any attempt to switch to 2x gets camera app frozen. When I try to switch to Video it would say (after 5 sec hangup) that it "Cannot connect to camera - Dismiss/Try again"
    Also when that happens, the built-in Torch cannot be lit, after 1st attempt and failure the button in tray is greyed out and 3rd party torches say "cannot connect to camera".
  2. HellActive

    HellActive New Member

    give him hard reset or reinstall the firmware?
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