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Android 10 for Razer Phone 1

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by gansoxd, Jun 17, 2020.

  1. gansoxd

    gansoxd New Member

    Hello everyone.

    I saw some posts about the Razer Phone 2 and Android 10, but I have not seem any Razer Phone 1 relevant Android 10 posts.

    Does anyone know anything about it?

    I know RP1 is not the latest model but it's pretty good and capable of running Android 10 just fine, right?
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  2. ProSkillsPlays

    ProSkillsPlays New Member

    hmm i believe android 10 is available to razer phone 1 through official lineageOS and will be coming soon to the razer phone 2 aswell in a couple months.

    this is a custom ROM though and unlocking your bootloader voids your warranty :)
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  3. gansoxd

    gansoxd New Member

    Yeah, I was searching about Android 10 and Razer Phone and I saw that LineageOS. Pretty interesting, it's the "new" Cyanogenmod. Sadly, it's still in beta, though.
    Happy to know that there is an alternative for Razer Phone users.
    Sadly, I don't have any warranty, even if it was within the warranty period. I bought this phone at US but I live in Brazil, so I could not benefit from it here. So I don't care unlocking my bootloader if Android 10 does not come for Razer Phone.
  4. ThirdTemple

    ThirdTemple Active Member

    I just got the July security patch.
  5. Dribugd

    Dribugd Member

    Razer forgot about his first phone, there is no update support lying down, nothing has been going on for a year. Linden.
  6. gansoxd

    gansoxd New Member

    Do you have a Razer Phone 1?
    I just checked for updates here and got nothing.
  7. gansoxd

    gansoxd New Member

    Yea, that's pretty sad.
    I got so hyped with this phone, bought it due to an one shot opportunity (a friend went to USA and bought for me, since I couldn't buy from Brazil).
    Then a few months later the price was cut down to almost half of the price and with the new Razer Phone 2 the price went down even more.
    So now I got an "old overpriced phone" (which has been devalued alot) without any new updates.
  8. Dribugd

    Dribugd Member

    Yes, I have Razer Phone 1. I checked the latest update released in November on Android 9.
  9. Rox598

    Rox598 Keyblade Master VANGUARD

    That update was for the RP2 not sure why TT posted about it here.

    the RP1 is technically EoL at this point so I would think Android 10 isn't going to happen so I would flash Lineage and not look back.
  10. gansoxd

    gansoxd New Member

    Yea, I figured it out. I checked my phone, my security update is from November 5, 2019 and it's "up to date".
    Sadly, I think RP1 won't get any more updates as well.
    I will certainly try out the LineageOS.
    I just wanted to be sure that RP1 won't receive Android 10 before doing it.
  11. Rox598

    Rox598 Keyblade Master VANGUARD

    There's nothing from Razer to say it won't get it but at the same time there's nothing to say it will. the RP1 got 2 major OS updates which is what Android devices normally get so it would be safe to say Android 10 wont come.

    FWIW Lineage OS is in a very stable condition on the RP1, I have it on my personal device and haven't had issues par with the fact some Gapps won't flash.
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  12. gansoxd

    gansoxd New Member

    Hmm, yeah, you are right. Makes sense.
    Interesting. Good to know that it is stable. I just checked and there is a brand new version available, from not even a week ago. That's pretty cool.
    I'll definitly try it.
    Thanks for the infos!
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