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Any way to default to external monitor?

Discussion in 'Systems' started by simon1618, Nov 10, 2019.

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  1. simon1618

    simon1618 New Member


    I have a Razor RZ09-0102. The screen has been broken off and is no longer connected to the motherboard, and the cable is dead. I can turn the laptop on, verifying that it's on by seeing the caps lock light. However, despite connecting to an external monitor via HDMI I can't see anything on that monitor. Is there anything I can do on the keyboard that will toggle / default to the external monitor?

    I have tried FN + F4.


  2. _Talos_

    _Talos_ Active Member

    Hi @simon1618
    Please try "Win + P" (I know u cant see it)


    then you can use the "arrow keys" to switch up and down. To confirm, press the "Enter" button.
    If you see a picture on your second screen, then please select the last one "Second screen only".

    Last edited: Nov 10, 2019
  3. simon1618

    simon1618 New Member


    I've tried by no joy.

    Will that work at the windows login prompt?
  4. _Talos_

    _Talos_ Active Member

    You have to log in first (I think), but you should be able to enter the password with your keyboard.

    If you think the Razer Blade is asking for your Windows Password, press:
    1. Enter
    2. (your password xyz)
    3. Enter
    4. Wait ~1min - to be sure (Windows / programs are loaded)
    5. Win + P
    6. Arrow Buttons - up and down | left and right do not work here
    7. Enter

    Last edited: Nov 10, 2019
  5. simon1618

    simon1618 New Member

    There are multiple users so not sure who was last logged in. In any case, have not been able to login.

    Any other methods?
  6. _Talos_

    _Talos_ Active Member

    Is there a sensor on the laptop that detects whether the screen is open or closed?
    If so, you can pretend that it's closed and then the external screen should start automatically.
    Important: try to start the Razer Blade (when the screen is closed).
  7. simon1618

    simon1618 New Member

    Couldn't get that to work either.
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