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[Ask] Synapse Double Tap

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Chizzei, Sep 7, 2020.

  1. Chizzei

    Chizzei New Member

    So, I want to ask a question
    for example I want to add Macro to keystroke that when you tap Twice on it (double click) it run Macro.

    I want my [W] which is regular forward, when double tapped [W W] perform Side step. so, a single key perform diffrent action when single tapped or double tapped

    Is it possible with Synapse ?
  2. JR0nin

    JR0nin Well-Known Member

    You can use the Synapse 3.0, to set up macro's according to your requirements.
    Its a free software from Razer, you can install it test it at your convenience and play around with it easily. :smile_:

    And in case you want to revert it all, you can always switch to the default or restore.
  3. Chizzei

    Chizzei New Member

    I run Synapse 2.0 on my Ornata.
    but I cant find how to make 1 keys have 2 Diffrent actions

    did Synapse 3.0 have it ?
  4. JR0nin

    JR0nin Well-Known Member

    I believe you can record a macro with your double inputs and record/save it. And later use it on Synapse 3.

    You can take a second opinion from our community members here or even the Official Razer support https://support.razer.com/?hide-listing=1
  5. Chizzei

    Chizzei New Member

    My ornata only can use Synapse 2.0
    seems the macro have no feature, to support 2 diffrent command in single keys (tap and double tap diffrent macro).

    well, Thx anyway mate
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