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Discussion in 'Audio' started by Dyphonyx, Apr 27, 2022.

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    Brand new to the forums here - Hi

    I recently purchased the Razer Audio Mixer a few weeks ago. It was working fine the first few days, but I have been having issues since and I am trying to get it figured out.

    If my gaming PC is off and I turn it back on, the audio mixer usually work fine for a few minutes, then the sound will randomly cut off out of nowhere. When this happens though, the audio mixer will stay powered on and it will stay recognized by my PC too, and also will stay recognized within the Razer Synapse app as well.
    Once the sound cuts out, I have to unplug the usb type C/power cable and plug it back in, in order for me to get audio again.

    When I go to "test" the sound through Windows, it is showing the audio bar lighting up as if it was making sound, but there is no sound at all.

    I have the usb to usb type C cable going from a USB in my PC to the audio mixer. Then I have my gaming headset(beyerdynamic MMX 300 - 2nd Generation), with the headset cable going from the headset and then split into the front of the audio mixer - The microphone jack going into there accordingly and then the headset jack going into there accordingly also.

    Everything is plugged in correctly and firm, nothing loose. I have tried different USB ports on my PC. I have tried un-installing all audio drivers from all sources and then re-installing them again.
    I have tried un-installing the Razer Synapse/Cortex apps and re-installing them again and none of this is helping.

    Any help here is greatly appreciated!
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    Ensure to update your computer's Windows OS and use Intel Driver and Support Assistant to check for any available hardware drivers. Also, please gather your Razer Synapse logs first, then perform a clean reinstallation. Should the issue persists, please submit a ticket to our Support Team or send me a PM so I can help you kick start an investigation. Check out the following link below:
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