Blackshark V2 PRO THX problems

Discussion in 'Audio' started by MrSuit, Mar 19, 2021.

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  1. MrSuit

    MrSuit New Member

    Hi, i bought Razer Blackshark V2 PRO (wireless) and they sound great but synapse is a joke !!!

    I want to use THX SPATIAL AUDIO from synapse3 but its turning off in some games like Destiny 2.
    The slider is ok in the synapse, but the sound in the game changes and I have to turn off thx and then turn it on again so that the thx sound is available for a few seconds and it's turn off again... but slider indicate that thx is ON all the time.
    I downloaded the THX SPATIAL AUDIO app for 15 days trial and it's great, in this app i have a lot more option than synapse and sound don't turn off in games.Also the sound quality is much more deeper and better in my opinion than through synapse...

    I contact with support but they told me to restart pc, reinstal everything bla bla bla.
    Today i reinstal my system and I thought it would get fixed, but not and now i can't use THX app becouse of message " You can't use THX with this device, please use synapse3 app for Blackshark V2...

    Razer why ?!
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  2. MrSuit

    MrSuit New Member

    Any ideas ? i reinstal THX SPATIAL ( razer app engine ) and it's work now and sound is so much better than this thx from synapse !!! this is a joke that to have thx i need to pay 20$ for sound that should be in heaphones ?!!
  3. AllocDK

    AllocDK New Member

    I cant even use Thx Spartial Audio with my V2 Pro - I can only use shitty Synapse....
  4. BenchAndGames

    BenchAndGames New Member

    Yes this is a issue with auto setting, just use manual setting instead of auto and it will nto switch OFF when joining a game.

    It happaned to me also, but usign manual it fixed the problem
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