Blackshark V2 Spatial Audio Not Working

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Dyno0311, Nov 28, 2021.

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  1. Dyno0311

    Dyno0311 New Member

    Okay, so the main problem is that the Spatial Audio is not working.

    Firstly :
    I Have just enabled the THX Spatial audio thing, but i cant feel any differences. So, after a few while, i think to my self "Maybe that clearly visible Yellow-Orange triangular error sign is something that i need to worry about"
    So i pressed the warning triangle thing, but then this appears :
    When i press "Use This Device Instead" Nothing will happen. Like, literally nothing.
    After a few moments, i have decided to Disconnect & Reconnect the Soundcard from my PC.
    To my surprise, it worked!

    i then checked the "Mixer" Tab to re-enable the THX Spatial audio
    Keep in mind : that im listening to music in Spotify as im Enabling the Spatial Audio.
    After ive enabled the spatial audio thing, i still couldnt see/feel the differences

    So yeah, thats the problem. (Ive also tried to play Rainbow6S while it is on but i still cant feel the differences)

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