Blackwidow v3 - No way to light up the Razer Logo with Chroma Studio

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Dfunk1210, Dec 25, 2020.

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  1. Dfunk1210

    Dfunk1210 New Member

    HI, and thank you beforehand for any help provided.

    I have a new Blackwidow v3 (wired) using the latest Synapse 3. With default quick effects, the logo lights up fine. but when starting a new lighting profile from scratch (all lights off at the start) in Chroma Studio, there is no way to turn on or change the lighting for the logo. i have tried to select the logo but it is not selectable. And i do not see an option to select the logo. How do I turn on and change the lighting for the logo with Chroma Studio
  2. Seems you'll have to wait for a software update
  3. Dfunk1210

    Dfunk1210 New Member

    Yea, that is the most likely answer to my problem
  4. ForzaStiinta

    ForzaStiinta New Member

    Me too.
    I have the same issue!
  5. chanhwi

    chanhwi New Member

    have you got it fixed? i have the same issue
  6. ForzaStiinta

    ForzaStiinta New Member

    Let’s all make a complain!

    maybe we get a firmware update

    it’s too expensive for having a bug, it’s not a 30$ Keyboard afterall
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