Blade 15 2020, RTX 2070. 1 Hour battery life.

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by richpanda, Mar 19, 2021.

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  1. richpanda

    richpanda New Member

    I need serious help on this,

    I have no clue how this is possible but my laptop only maintains approx 1 hour battery life. Right now I am sitting at 50% with 30 minutes left and I do not understand how this is possible given the advertised 5-6 hours. There is nothing using the dGPU, I have keyboard brightness off and screen brightness low as well as power saving mode. This is with chrome open and nothing else. Please help me with this! Do I need to recalibrate my battery or send it in for repair?? This is a new laptop as well.

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  2. techCoolGreyfun863

    techCoolGreyfun863 New Member

    I have a new Blade 15 2020, RTX 2070 OLED and am having the same problem but might have made some progress.
    This app lets you see total power draw from the battery, CPU power draw and GPU power draw
    With that you can start to work out what is going on.

    When on battery with minimum screen brightness, GPU idle and CPU idle it's drawing 18 watts. So that'll give about 3.5 hours from a fully charged 65 watt hour battery which is what these laptops are.
    Turn the screen brightness to full and now it's 28 watts, which will give maybe 2.25 hours.

    Start actually doing stuff with the CPU or GPU and that 2.5 will drop to 1 hour pretty quick.

    The GPU seems to idle at 9 watts unless it's completely inactive which is basically what you need when running on battery.
    The CPU idles at a couple of watts by comparison.

    use the Nvidia app to check on GPU state,

    Setting the max CPU state to less than 100% on battery also really seems to help,


    Set cooling policy to passive.

    With these settings it also runs quiet when doing basic tasks which is good.
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