Blade 15 Advance with 2080 and 4K

Discussion in 'Systems' started by SurfaceMinion, Feb 19, 2019.

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  1. SurfaceMinion

    SurfaceMinion New Member

    So I am thinking of getting the new 2080 or 2070 model 15 but here is my question. If I go with the 4K display but connect to an external monitor that say is 140hz or 240hz will the Blade be able to drive that at the higher refresh rates or will everything run at 60hz because of the 4K display built in?

    Also on the flip if I go with the 144hz 1080p display can I connect say an ultra wide 38 or 49 and drive it at the higher resolutions and see at least 60fps and higher at the 144hz refresh?
  2. BaccaBoss2

    BaccaBoss2 Active Member

    External displays will be limited in refresh rate by the limits of the display interface. For TB3, the limits are:
    1x 1440P @ 240Hz
    1x 4K @ 120 Hz
    1x 5K @ 60Hz
    2 x 1440P @ 120Hz
    2x 4K @ 60 Hz

    Of course, those are all counting on the fact that you can actually generate those framerates. Resolution/Hz of the internal display does not matter for the driving of an external display.
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  3. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I have only Blade 2018 advanced but the ports should be similar, yes you can drive higher refresh rate with its DP and TB3 ports, hdmi somehow only output 60Hz and TB3 due direct cpu connection won’t be able to run g sync, only DP can do that. It may vary depends on Monitor, mine is predator 1440p 165Hz OC.
    My Blade 15 2018 internal Monitor is 144Hz 1080p, with all ports i can drive 4K 60Hz LGUD, TB3 since I don’t have 4K usb c monitor I can’t confirm, but it runs perfectly 1440p hdr usb c portable monitor without extra power adapter (need usb c 3.1 ver 2 cable with 10gbs bandwidth), again it may vary depends on Monitor, some monitor can only output 4K 30Hz on some its hdmi port.
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  4. SurfaceMinion

    SurfaceMinion New Member

    Thank you!

    This was very helpful information from you and BaccaBoss2

    So here is a question for you both then. Given this would you buy the 4K 2019 version or the 1080p version, since then I would do more gaming connected to an external UW then running on just the laptop screen itself? I would tend to go 4K on laptop panel but then ultra wide for gaming
  5. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Gaming definitely UW. Media consumption or editing 4K, but keep in mind 4K may consume battery faster if battery life for you is important. If no I would go for 4K and UW monitor, personally I like glossy screen better (I was MacBook user).
  6. SurfaceMinion

    SurfaceMinion New Member

    I don't beleive they talk about how long the 15 runs driving a 4K but that would be secondary and I do agree I like a glass screen better coming from a Mac Book Pro. Over the last 3 years I have walked away from Apple and was using a Surface Pro 4, and now am typing this on a maxed out Surface Studio. A beautiful machine but rather disappointed with gaming performance and need a new laptop anyway thus I am looking at the Razer.

    Thanks again for the input.
  7. uncle_farkus

    uncle_farkus New Member

    I had been waiting on the 4K model but gave in and got a 2080 1080p version. While I do wish it had a glossy screen sometimes and also notice the blurry profile picture of myself on this site, I love the 144hz when browsing and doing normal stuff. I also like the matte a lot more than I expected. I have a latest 12.9” iPad Pro with a high refresh and retina resolution and it makes up for the lack of 4K and Touch. Now my iPhone refresh feels really slow since my laptop, desktop, and iPad all go so fast

    Honestly, until 4K laptops with high refresh exist in mass, there’ll be a trade off. At least I could get a beefier GPU on the FHD model.
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