Blade 15 Advanced Model 2020 - stiff & stuck trackpad

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Splinter_Usta, Aug 3, 2020.

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  1. Splinter_Usta

    Splinter_Usta New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I have a 2 months old razer blade 15 advanced model (2020), I used trackpad normally two days ago but now now it is very stiff, it doesn't register clicks unless pressed very hard and it is almost impossible to click and drag. Did any of you experience such a problem? Please help.
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  2. SooksVI

    SooksVI New Member

    I have this same issue on my 2019 blade 15 advanced. I opened it to check and it seems the battery is swollen and putting pressure on the trackpad.
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  3. taran21

    taran21 New Member

    Same problem! Razer Blade 15 (2018)
  4. AaronDinesh

    AaronDinesh New Member

    Ive been having a similar issue as well. Sometimes my touchpad would straight up stop working. It doesn't register my movement or my clicks. But then randomly after a while it starts working again. There doesnt seem to be a pattern of how it breaks
  5. SooksVI

    SooksVI New Member

    That's interesting. Although I can't click, the touch on my trackpad works fine. I can get around with the usual taps and double taps. Right now I'm prepping my laptop to ship. I need to take out my upgraded parts.
  6. AaronDinesh

    AaronDinesh New Member

    Hmmmm the thing is I don't even know if my issue is software or hardware. Because if it was software they would've released a driver update and if it was hardware it would just randomly start working again once broken. I've just decided to send it in like you are.
  7. AaronDinesh

    AaronDinesh New Member

    So I thought I'd update this thread. I tried contacting Razer for a repair but it only got up to stage where I sent in my address and details and then radio silence from them. I sent them my details about a week ago and I asked for an update 3 times and so far no one has got back to me.

    So I've decided take matters into my own hands and try to do whatever I can do. I suspected that it maybe a driver issue and not a hardware issue. My thinking was that if it was a hardware issue, the trackpad wouldn't go from being broken to suddenly precisely tracking all my movements. So I swapped from the Razer Drivers to the generic Windows HID drivers. I haven't got a chance to properly test it but from the little testing I did it seems to be ok?? Using pinch to zoom isn't as smooth as it can be, but then again I rarely use pinch zoom. But other than that all the other multi-touch functions seems to work! So that's a good sign!

    Also if anyone knows a good USB trackpad other than the apple one, please hmu, I'd like to have a backup just in case.
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