Blade 15 Advanced RTX 3070 low FPS!

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by holdbacktheday, Jul 6, 2021.

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  1. holdbacktheday

    holdbacktheday New Member


    I've had a look around but not found anything specific.

    I just bought my first Razer and immediately downloaded Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition expecting good results however I struggle to get even 30 fps in the opening mission.

    I'm running it at 1440p on High. Ray Tracing High. DLSS Balanced. V sync off. Tesselation off. Hair Works off and still getting much lower fps than expected.

    I've read around and other machines with similar cards are getting way higher frames. I know this game isn't the best optimised out there but I feel it should be doing much better than this. I have the latest driver etc but can't figure it out. Even dropping resolution to 1080p and all settings down doesn't get me over 60fps which is a real indication that something is wrong.

    Any help much appreciated
  2. I know this is kind of a dumb question, but do you have it plugged in? You can't get full power to the components just using the battery alone. You must plug the system in to the power supply to be able to run the system at full performance settings.
  3. holdbacktheday

    holdbacktheday New Member

    Yeah plugged in and full power to gpu and cpu boost on

    I've tried uninstalling Geeforce experience and xbox game bar too. All to no avail. I've read other people have had similiar problems with 30 series cards and this game so maybe i'll test out another AAA title and see how it get's on.

    UPDATE: I downloaded Control and it's the same problem. DX 11 settings medium/low and FPS is locked at 30 with loads of screen tearing with or without v sync. Also CPU seems to only be running at 30%. really not sure what to do.

    UPDATE 2: Contol plays at a smooth 60fps in windowed mode. All settings high with ray tracing however if I turn off v sync the FPS drops to 17-20. I'm guessing the issue is something to do with g-sync/v-sync and/or the monitors refresh rates.

    I've been using MSI afterburner and the CPU and GPUbare below 50%
    Maybe something is causing throttling

    Any help great appreciated
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