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Bulging battery issue

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Feasty, Jun 24, 2020.

  1. Feasty

    Feasty New Member

    So it looks like I have the "bulging battery" issue on my Razer Blade Stealth (purchased May, 2018)

    I have sent a support case (#200612-001600) on June 12, but no reply as of yet. Sent a follow up asking for an ETA on June 20, and also no reply. A bit disappointing in the responsiveness of support ... is 12 days without a response common for Razer support?

    But on to the bigger issue - I currently have a bulging battery pushing up on my trackpad/lower keyboard, enough so that the lid does not close down.

    I see from numerous other postings this seems to be a familiar issue (a 'lot' disappointing in the quality of battery for such a premium device), and it seems that PMs through this forum *may* help get some reply/response?

    Ultimately I would just like to get a new battery sent over so I can replace it and get back to feeling safe using my laptop.

    Anyone had any success in getting Razer to ship them a replacement battery?
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  2. Feasty

    Feasty New Member

    Wow, still zero response to my case # on mysupport.razer.com

    Issues happen, maybe this is not a fault of Razer, maybe it is, maybe I'm out of luck due to this computer being two years old and out of warranty ...

    BUT - (and I don't need to tell anyone this ...) good customer service goes a long way. A simple response would be nice, even to say "sorry, we can't help", or maybe a suggestion where I can get a new battery

    Is this really typical of Razer customer service now?

    So, as others have said, this will be my last Razer product, and no recommendations to friends from me.

    Very disappointing.
  3. Feasty

    Feasty New Member

    Support has now reached out to me asking for further details. So that at least is some good news.

    I will update as the case progresses.
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