Chroma Keyboard for Android - it's finally happening!

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by njbmartin, Jan 24, 2019.

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  1. CodeCCLG

    CodeCCLG Well-Known Member

    oh yes! i agree with 4 for sure.. 5 meh it would be nice to do so
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  2. TenMinsLate

    TenMinsLate New Member

    Definitely needs improving but pretty cool, need those extra pages of symbols and emoji tho
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  3. Asp8660

    Asp8660 New Member

    So I love the keyboard. But I use the small screen setting. It makes the keyboard almost unusable, also was wondering if there was any way to add an option to use the BlackBerry keyboard style autocorect & also have a number row, jus my suggestions to improve mg experience not sure about anyone else
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  4. njbmartin

    njbmartin Developer of Awesome

    All feedback is certainly welcome and only makes it better, so thank you!
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  5. DHMtbLad

    DHMtbLad New Member

    Is there a way to turn off the keyboard sound at all?
  6. choock

    choock New Member

    as for me, gboard is the best keyboard for android and ios with a lot of useful settings such as translator, themes etc.
  7. njbmartin

    njbmartin Developer of Awesome

    That's definitely coming! Configuration and customisation for sure.

    Yes, Gboard is (was) definitely my favourite on both platforms.
  8. LoLoHo

    LoLoHo New Member

    what do you mean when writing about a translator?
  9. MrRaptor63

    MrRaptor63 Member

    Missing the _ symbol
  10. Asten__

    Asten__ Active Member

    I really like the keyboard and will probably buy it for my andriod phone too (currently have it for ios) - but it will not be usable for me until i can turn off the keyboard sounds..
  11. LoLoHo

    LoLoHo New Member

    now I get what are you mean, there are google translate inside the keyboard
  12. Zerebrator

    Zerebrator Member

    How can I get it?
  13. ThirdTemple

    ThirdTemple Active Member

    Last update was a month ago.
  14. Zerebrator

    Zerebrator Member

    Is there no way to install this?
  15. PrackBraska

    PrackBraska New Member

    Any updates coming? Keyboard is not usable in it's current state and we haven't had any updates in a month:

    keyboard sounds can't be disabled
    no number row or click to hold to get 2nd row buttons
    keys missing like _
    Theme keys at the top of the screen take up space and currently do nothing

    Keyboard looks cool to turn on and to show people but that's all it's good for, still using gboard :slightly_sad:
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  16. ThirdTemple

    ThirdTemple Active Member

    It's in the Play Store.
  17. njbmartin

    njbmartin Developer of Awesome

    Hey yes still working on updates. It was on hold for a few weeks but picking up development again.

    I've got a Trello board so you can keep an eye on what I'm working on:
  18. pan0phobik

    pan0phobik Member

    Is there no swipe typing? That's probably the biggest make-it-break-it feature for me
  19. BlueSoapxr

    BlueSoapxr New Member

    Have experienced a couple of bugs/glitches so far. Will purchase the premium version once those issues have been sorted out. Fighting!
  20. EggsLeggs

    EggsLeggs Active Member

    wow, kudos to you man.
    I remember when you released this on apple and I got it straight away!
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