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Core X Chroma and USB Power plus Thunderbolt Connection Port Question

Discussion in 'Systems' started by JayVee1984, Sep 24, 2020.

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  1. JayVee1984

    JayVee1984 New Member

    Hi All,

    It has been awhile since I stopped by. I currently have a Core X but have been jealously eyeing the Core X Chroma because of its USB ports. My setup has gotten kind of messy of late and I'm trying to clean things up a little bit. I just have a few questions about it before I decide to upgrade, I've searched high and low and can't seem to get a definitive answer so I am hoping someone with the device can help.

    1) Has the Thunderbolt port been fixed? On my Core X, if the Thunderbolt cable moves even the slightest bit, everything disconnects. On inspection it seems this is due to the plastic on the cable that surrounds the thunderbolt connection not sitting flush against the port surface, allowing tons of wiggle. I don't know if they could have set the port back a little further and put a cut out in the case to stabilize the cable or what, but it's LOOSE. It has even gotten worse over time and is becoming frustrating. Razer has already told me I'm out of warranty but I do have a backup warranty through SquareTrade. This is obviously a deal breaker if it's still a problem because it won't be worth spending 400.00 for the same hassles again.

    2) Can the USB ports be set to, or do they natively, provide power to the devices connected to them when the laptop is turned off? IE, can a mouse be charged on the dock via the Core X Chroma USB ports while the laptop is not in use? I know when I power down my Blade Stealth now, the power supply fan on the Core X keeps running unless I flip the actual power switch on the back of it. If this can be configured, I'll probably just pull the trigger on one today and sell my Core X to someone who wants one in great shape for cheap (as I just bought a Razer Basilisk Ultimate and know I'll need to charge that much more often than my old Logitech I was using).

    3) Is there a new version of Thunderbolt coming out soon, or another newer version of the Core? Any rumors? The Chroma came out a few weeks after I bought my Core X and I don't want to burn myself on timing again.

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  2. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    1. It’s probably defective unit you unfortunately got since older Corev2 doesn’t have that issue at least on mine and as I aware so far.
    2. Not sure since older core (v1/2) doesn’t have physical power button the TB3 cable acts as power button so plug and unplug, however I can’t charge wireless mice and other charging devices via USB ports on Core, it’ll popped up warning message so only connection, and PD only available through TB3 like charging Blade stealth but not sure on Core X
    3. No one know if they’ll release other TB enclosure, but new tb4 has same bandwidth as TB3 40gbs where not all is located for TB3 eGPU setting on TB3 it’s around 22gbs rest go to display ports etc, it’s intel bandwidth limitation on eGPU setting.
  3. JayVee1984

    JayVee1984 New Member

    Hi Joikansai,

    Fancy you being the one to reply to my thread, lol, as you've helped me much in the past. So perhaps I misspoke when I said power button. The Core X doesn't have a power button but it does have a switch on the power supply. In other words, as long as it's plugged into power and the rocker switch is on, there will be a slight hum which sounds like the power supply and maybe it's fan are on.

    Would still like to hear from someone about the fitment issue of the TB cable on the Core X Chroma before I drop the cash.
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