Core X w/ Blade Stealth 2017 Inconsistent Recognition

Discussion in 'Systems' started by SuperFoxJay, Jan 27, 2019.

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  1. SuperFoxJay

    SuperFoxJay New Member

    2017 Blade Stealth (i7-8550U)
    Core X w/ Founder 1080 GTX using included 0.5m 100W 40GB TB3 cable
    Razer Laptop Stand w/ Chroma + USB Hub
    Win 10

    Tried searching forums and support for details on Core X use, but came up empty, so asking here.

    I'm seeing inconsistent recognition of the Core X and 1080 GTX when connecting to my Blade Stealth. As a rule, I have the Blade in sleep mode when I connect the TB3 cable and USB cable from my Razer Laptop Stand. Likewise, I put the Blade to sleep before disconnecting.

    The fan on the Core X power supply always starts spinning upon connection, and the laptop always charges. When I bring the laptop out of sleep by hitting the power button, the GTX fan also spins up. However, sometimes the Core X is recognized in the "Attached Thunderbolt Devices" and I use the monitor connected to the 1080 with no issues, but sometimes it is NOT detected. In these instances, the only way to get a detection and use the second monitor is to reboot the Blade Stealth. In these cases, the Core X has always been detected when the TB3 is connected at reboot.

    I have toyed with different connection orders, i.e. plug in TB3 than USB than power button, USB than TB3 than power, only TB3 than power, etc. but have found no correlation to working or not working.

    Does anyone know of, or have developed, the rules of thumb to use to maximize the chance the Core X is recognized without a required reboot? I'm not connecting/disconnecting multiple times daily, but it is an annoyance of not knowing if I'll have to save/close/reboot every single time I try to connect. Thanks all.
  2. SuperFoxJay

    SuperFoxJay New Member

    Some follow-ups based on my recent experiments:

    Have had the 1080 recognized while plugging in the TB3 with the system up and running, no issues during use.
    Subsequent connection of TB3 while system running led to cycling of 1080 recognized, 1080 not recognized, etc. until I shut down.

    I'm starting to wonder if the NVIDIA controller running applications on the 1080 is playing a part in this. Will continue investigating...
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