DeathAdder Elite does not change DPI

Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by DiplexBadge, Nov 9, 2020.

  1. DiplexBadge

    DiplexBadge New Member

    My mouse hasn't changed the dpi setting for two or three days. I tried to reinstall synapse 2.0 and tried to uninstall my mouse in device management. And i tried to do firmware update but it did not update at all. When i click to update the bar gets full 100% and says "update required." I really want to change my DPI as old times. Anyone can help?

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  2. WanaBeAsian123

    WanaBeAsian123 New Member

    I've also been having problems with my razer DeathAdder elite, with the dpi cap in synapse changing from 16000 to a mere 1000. It also has not been registering when the mouse has been plugged in , and all of these problems only started after the new update.
  3. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    DA Elite is not compatible with Synapse 2.0 software. Please use the newer Synapse 3.
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  4. DiplexBadge

    DiplexBadge New Member

    If i use DA Elite with Synapse 3, I won't able to configure my Man O'War in Synapse 3. Also i tried to configure DA Elite in Synapse 3, nothing has changed.
  5. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Yes, you won't be able to configure ManO'Wars in Synapse 3, because they're only compatible with Synapse 2.0.

    What config changes did you make to your DA Elite in Synapse, and there's no effect?
  6. ShibaPlayz

    ShibaPlayz Active Member

    i use both. i hv synapse 2 for my keyboard and 3 for my other peripherals. so far hv not run into any issues doing it that way
  7. huonohiiri69

    huonohiiri69 New Member

    When your DPI-buttons are not working, is it both or only other one? My upper DPI-button is working, but lower isn't. This isn't first time, I thought that button is broken, but this seems to be software related problem. I have to change DPI manually from the synapse 3 because I got "stuck" to bigger DPI-values if I accidentally press upper button. I downloaded Razer Deathadder Elite Firmware Updater, but it's not opening. If I click the program, nothing happens.

    Edit: I'm using Synapse 3.
  8. autoIcebergtruck262

    autoIcebergtruck262 New Member

    same issues i cant update my deathadderelite firmware to 1.06
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