Does Synapse3 even support ORBWEAVER CHROMA

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by uknowirock, Nov 6, 2019.

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  1. uknowirock

    uknowirock New Member

    Just bought a Orbweaver Chroma and downloaded Synapse3. It does not seem to recognize Orbweaver at all
  2. Razer.Caziel

    Razer.Caziel I am the Lightbringer Staff Member

    No, it does not. You have to install Synapse 2.0 if you want to customize the device.
  3. Yofune_Nushi

    Yofune_Nushi New Member

    NO it doesnt which is very frustrating. I bought this device 2/3y ago for more then 120euro's then i bought this year the goliath ext chroma and that headphone rgb standard just to see that the synapse 2 and 3 dont work with each other. and now i have 3 device on synapse 2 and trhe other 3 i dont have it on synapse3 because of these weird errors.

    now i bought i expesinve headset from jabra and the orbweaver doesnt work any more when that headphone is connected which is just a freaking driver problem from razers side. please fix this!!!! i am really thinking to sell everything from razor and go for another brand that has it shit together with drivers
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  4. H8MyBoss666

    H8MyBoss666 New Member

    I'm bumping this.

    I spend nearly $200 on a brand new device, A RAZER DEVICE, that Razer doesn't even have support in Synapse 3.0.absolutely unacceptable.

    Having to run an older program just to run ONE BRAND NEW device is utterly ridiculous! Razer, what are you guys doing, seriously? Why would you NOT provide support for your most expensive speedpad? The reason I bought the Orbweaver was to get rid of Synapse 2.0.

  5. Yofune_Nushi

    Yofune_Nushi New Member

    yes its just insane and i wont be buying any razer product anymore because i lost fate in them. it is good quality but when the software is lacking thats a no no for me eventually
  6. H8MyBoss666

    H8MyBoss666 New Member

    Unfortunately, Razer AND Min are laughing at us all the way to the bank. All six of my peripherals are a Razer, and my last Razer purchase was the Orbweaver. Why Razer has not included its flagship speedpad to work with Synapse 3 (which is garbage), is beyond comprehension, and I cannot get an answer from support as to WHY it's not supported by Synapse 3.

    Because Razer products are hard to acquire in the pathetic city I live in, I made a six hour round trip to the nearest city that has a wicked store that carries all Razer products. Spent $200 on the Orbweaver, sales staff swore up and down that it is supported by Synapse 3, just to get home and find out it's NOT supported.

    Contacted Razer support. Some knob told me there's no plans to add the Orbweaver to Synapse 3, and to go buy the Tartarus, a lower grade device WITHOUT mechanical keys. F***ing seriously, bud? That conversation right there absolutely shattered my faith and loyalty to Razer. I will be slowly rotating my gear out for other products that are not Razer.

    I've been loyal to Razer for 15 years. Sad sad sad way to end a relationship.

    Min should be ashamed of himself.
  7. Yofune_Nushi

    Yofune_Nushi New Member

    better buy on amonzon some chinese crap, at least that works
  8. tommygun34

    tommygun34 New Member

    I agree, I have the same issue, I have 2 Orbweavers on different PC's, and both have the same issue, shame on Razer, it has happened to me with a number of Razer items in the past, I am now changing to other brands, the Orbweaver is a great bit of kit but the support is shocking.
  9. H8MyBoss666

    H8MyBoss666 New Member

    I'm starting to think success has tainted Min's vision; with all the money Razer is raking in, how hard is it to figure out Synapse so it supports ALL Razer products? Nope, he's too busy opening new locations in Europe.

    I will slowly be replacing my peripherals out, I'm done with Razer. Min and Co couldn't give a sh*t, what's one loyal client of over 17 years when I will be replaced easily by thousands more.
  10. Oosty

    Oosty New Member

    Have to agree, Razer could quite easily include mode legacy as they are called devices into Synapse 3, and more to the point I do not think Razer cares about a few who leave as they have a large client base, But truth as that has been said, its Dollars over keeping current client happy.

    So Common Razer read these replies are get ride of synapse 2 for all your currently available products.

    and although there are few if any besides Razer supporting Keypads, the feeling I am having is if you (Razer) do not want us, the many more including myself will look else where to your detriment of clients using your products.

    So all we all ask is atleast if you sell a product let it be covered by your latest software product.
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  11. H8MyBoss666

    H8MyBoss666 New Member

  12. Oosty

    Oosty New Member

    But the real truth to things is does Razer People actually reads these posts because a reply from them to the posed question would be nice

    "So Common Razer read these replies are get ride of synapse 2 for all your currently available products."

    But this will be another thread lost in there system of what people want and what we really care to give.

    Its sad, Razer can not see the real picture.
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