EQ Settings - Blackshark v2 Pro?

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by iGOSU-Admiral, Oct 12, 2020.

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  1. iGOSU-Admiral

    iGOSU-Admiral New Member

    Hi Everyone,

    I have the new Razer Blackshark V2 Pro and the EQ settings out of the box sound really "boxed in". Lots of treble as well.

    I would really love it if you can share some good EQ settings for the headset and also the mic.

    The games I play are CS:GO, PUBG and Starcraft 2 :)

    Appreciate any responses, thank you!

  2. Mr.MLG_081

    Mr.MLG_081 New Member

    i tried the THX competitive setting and it didnt really sound the best, i dont know if its just me because it doesnt really sound good. However, I just use the game mode with bass boost at 75. Sound normalization and voice clarity just makes environmental things not really important. The mic's eq isnt really important as broadcast is probably the best option with voice gate on 55, vocal clarity on 55, and ambient noise reduction. Other than that, everything should sound good.
  3. HotIce210

    HotIce210 New Member

    I recently bought the Blackshark V2 X and I also agree with the "Boxed In" sound. THX was not included with the headset software so I upgraded it almost immediately to get the THX and equalizer. I have been messing around with some of the settings and have settled on this so far for Music.

    Stereo Sound -
    31Hz + 7
    63Hz + 5
    125Hz + 4
    250Hz + 3
    500Hz + 2
    1kHz + 4
    2kHz + 1
    4kHz + 5
    8kHz + 5
    16kHz + 8
    Bass Boost - Off
    Sound Normalization - Off
    Vocal Clarity - Off

    I'm still tweaking as needed but so far I am ok with the sound I am getting.

    P.S. Ever so often I hear that the speakers have a slight crackle to them. I'm not sure if this is just my headset or not? Please let me know how these settings work for you and if you also get the crackle
  4. ZuesThe1

    ZuesThe1 New Member

    This is perfect but I fell like the 16Hz should be 6
  5. CristianoK

    CristianoK New Member

    this is pubg setting, I want csgo eq.

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  6. GlontzVidiaR

    GlontzVidiaR New Member

    i head indeed crackling noise now and then but its more freqeuent if your PC volume is close to 100. I find this headset sound pretty dull if u ask me. Dont know if other wireless handle better...
  7. Flakker

    Flakker New Member

    I also hear the crackling noise. I am considering returning the headset because I really can not stand the random cracks.

    P.S. Your sound settings are great for music. I was worried that my new headset sounded worse than my Logitech G933 but with those settings it is quite close!
  8. Flakker

    Flakker New Member

    Has anyone tried to wire the headset to see if the crackling noise still persists?
  9. 13038375

    13038375 New Member

    I have the V2, the 100 dollar one. I hear no crackling with them.
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  10. Flakker

    Flakker New Member

    I was referring to the v2 Pro. It seems that I was getting WiFi interference from my router that was causing some crackling and random disconncts. Once I moved it further away from the headphones, the crackling seems to have gone away.
  11. ripper2323

    ripper2323 New Member

    anyone have a game profile eq settings for cold war?
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