EQ settings not working on Synapse 3 for my Razer Kraken Pro

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by PM1605H00800899, Jul 7, 2020.

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  1. PM1605H00800899

    PM1605H00800899 New Member

    Hi I've had this product since May 24th, it sounded awful and it was an awful product until I tweaked the EQ settings and its' been withstandable ever since. I had issues with the device disconnecting & reconnecting, so I reinstalled drivers and attempted many solutions, none of which worked but the next day it stopped disconnecting so I thought it was ok. Apparently in reinstalling my drivers at some point I messed up my Synapse 3 and the EQ settings no longer work, making the product awful in quality. It's unusable without the EQ settings, can somebody tell me how to fix? Here's everything I've tried since my EQ settings stopped working:

    Reinstalling Synapse 3
    Reinstalling my drivers
    Using every USB on my computer
    Creating a new profile
    Signing in as guest
    Factory resetting the software & resetting my profile in the process

    THX settings also never functioned to any degree but I don't care because I don't use those.
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