Fallout 76. Razer Tartarus Pro.

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Pruteins, Jan 30, 2021.

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  1. Pruteins

    Pruteins New Member

    Today I just got home the Razer Tartarus Pro keyboard.

    I have tried it with Fallout 76, but Fallout detects the keyboard as a controller and I cannot use it simultaneously with the mouse, which makes it impossible for me to orient the character with the mouse.

    I have tried disabling the controller function in Device Manager, but the Razer Synapse stops detecting the Tartarus and the Fallout still detects it as a controller.

    I have also tried to remove the profiles of the Tartarus that made reference to the gamepad but then it does not move.

    That is, it only works if I have it in the PAD profile but then I can't use the mouse. Any ideas about it?
  2. Brovie

    Brovie New Member

    I have the same problem only with revisiting fallout 4. It seems that steam if identifying the tartatrus as a game controller. deactivating the profiles in steam itself doesn't work. Solutions on the steam forum a hard to find and aren't working.

    So I'm looking forward to a solution as well.
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