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Fixed! Mamba Elite expensive brick after installing mamba elite drivers

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by SakuIce, Apr 25, 2020.

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  1. SakuIce

    SakuIce New Member


    Bought Mamba Elite couple days ago. And after installing synapse 3, mouse completely stops working.
    At first i thought it is synapse 3 issue, as it stops working right in middle of installation, but actually no - more troubleshooting below. After installation, when launching synapse 3, mouse isn´t detected neither.
    Checked Device manager and Mamba Elite had yellow question marks on them, strangely it was listed under two different sections (keyboard and mouse). Checked drivers and they showed that they are not digitally signed and therefore rejected by Windows. Upon closer look, 2 files were accepted, but another two not.
    These two are accepted and with digitally signed:
    And these two are rejected and digitally not signed:

    I did also try "Disabling Driver Signature Enforcement" (running Win7), to see if it would reveal something new. And it did, mouse was detected in synapse and wasn´t a brick neither, which meant i could move it and set up some profile to mouse onboard memory. This action showed that it is most likely razer driver issue, as in normal launch, mouse is a brick, but after disabling driver enforcement, it works.
    So i restarted pc again, back to normal mode, which meant mouse was a brick again. But for troubleshooting, thought to make mouse to use another mouse drivers.
    Device Manager -> Mice and other controller devices -> Razer Mamba Elite -> Properties -> Update driver -> browse computer -> Let me pick -> take a tick off from show compatible
    At this point i notice something when going through all razer inc drivers. All other drivers were with text "This driver is digitally signed.", but only for Mamba Elite, text was bit different "This driver has and Authenticode(tm) signature". Of course, can´t tell if it has anything to do, of windows rejecting this driver.
    But after choosing "Razer Mamba" (which driver is digitally signed) to replace Razer Mamba Elite drivers, mouse started working again. Mouse works, but doesn´t get detected in Synapse. So it is definitely Razer Mamba Elite driver issue.
    At this stage i can use mouse with it´s profiles i have saved to mouse onboard memory, but still would like to get it fully detected in Synapse to use it at its full extent someday.

    So after all this long text and troubleshooting steps i did, anyone has any solution to this?
    Or maybe anyone else has same issues with their other Razer peripherals.
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  2. SakuIce

    SakuIce New Member

    Update -> Problem fixed.
    Anyone encountering code 52 error on windows 7, need to install following two hotfixes (KB4474419 and KB4490628). After applying them, install synapse 3 or mouse drivers again (mamba elite for me), and it passes successfully. Additionally, now mamba elite also appears in synapse 3.

    Don´t know if forum allows external links, but here they are:
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