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FPS won't display in game with gamebooster

Discussion in 'Razer Cortex' started by bizDarkPuceCORAL460, Jan 22, 2019.

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  1. bizDarkPuceCORAL460

    bizDarkPuceCORAL460 New Member

    When I play swtor, it won't let me display the fps when i use gamebooster. I hit ctr - shift - f and it doesn't work... nothing happens. When i don't use razer cortex at all, i'm able to use those commands to show the fps. But anytime i use razer cortex, it won't let me. I want to fix this because i'd really like to see my fps when using gamebooster. How do i fix this? the only game this seems to be a problem with is swtor, all my other games display fps just fine when using razer cortex and gamebooster.
  2. Nancy8975

    Nancy8975 Administrator Staff Member

    Hi there, sorry to hear what you encountered.

    To investigate this issue, please submit a FEEDBACK from Razer Cortex. You can find it from SETTINGS >> ABOUT >> FEEDBACK. Please make sure that "Send log file" option is ticked.

    Thank you.
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