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Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by buzzGreenCyanQUARTZ059, Aug 4, 2019.

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  1. So I recently reinstalled my whole PC because Razer Synapse 3.0 was literally was freaking out and I could do nothing against it. But thats another thing. So now I´m trying to install Synapse 2.0, because I dont want this to happen again. So I installed it, but not detects my devices. So I reinstalled it. And agin. Nothing happend. Still the same. Created a new Razer ID. Didnt work. Now I dont know what to do. If you had simmilar things I would really appreciate if you let me know, how you solved it. Thanks
  2. earthman34

    earthman34 New Member

    Which devices are you talking about? I don't think it recognizes some of the newer devices.
  3. Razer.Speedcr0ss

    Razer.Speedcr0ss Speed Hunter Staff Member

    Hey there! Thanks for posting your concern in our support thread. As @earthman34 said, what Razer peripherals/devices are you using so we can identify its compatibility with Razer Synapse since legacy devices are only compatible with Razer Synapse 2.0.
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  4. I also got this problem, synapse 3.0 was not recognising my devices, (Blade 2016 V5 1060 16gb i7 6700HQ), razer deathadder elite and only recognised my razer firefly mousepad. When i got synapse 2.0 to download it only recognised my firefly aswell, and i also cannot change the lighting of my keyboard on the 2.0 synapse options either.
  5. Razer.Speedcr0ss

    Razer.Speedcr0ss Speed Hunter Staff Member

    Thanks for posting your concern here. That's quite odd. Are there any software or hardware changes prior? In regards to your keyboard lighting, is this a separate keyboard or you are referring to your laptop's keyboard? Send me a PM together with your laptop and peripherals serial number, let's continue from there.
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