how to update drivers for my razer products?

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by sidebuzzGOGreen469, Oct 20, 2020.

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  1. sidebuzzGOGreen469

    sidebuzzGOGreen469 New Member

    can i use synapse 3 to update the drivers/firmware for things like my nari ultimate? i tried to update it via download from website. but when i launch it says make sure all apps are closed. i do but the update button never highlights for me to click it.
  2. Borobo729

    Borobo729 New Member

    I just got Nari Ultimate a couple days ago but I notice that Synapse doesn't recognize the device after reboot. I don't want to unplug and plug in the headset USB each time before use. When I tried to perform firmware update or pairing but none of them work as the update app doesn't detect the USB dongle at all, not able to proceed to the headset connection either. Anyone can help?
  3. SolomanTiger

    SolomanTiger New Member

    So I hope this helps, I don't have your headset but since no one else has responded this is what I did to get my Razer Kaira Pro to recognize and enable the button for updating.

    I had to wait for the update screen and button to pop up in the firmware update program and then unplug and replug my USB. Only by unplugging and replugging while that screen was up did I get the update button to activate.

    Let me know if that helps at all.
  4. SolomanTiger

    SolomanTiger New Member

    Another tip, just in case this also happens to you... My updater got stuck at 100% on the first download. After waiting 30+ minutes I decided to unplug and replug my USB. The downloader became un-stuck and moved to the second download, finished and everything appears to be working now.
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