Huntsman Mini KeyCaps Questions

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by TomasGames, Jul 17, 2020.

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  1. TomasGames

    TomasGames Member

    Hi! How are you guys?

    I loved the Razer Huntsman Mini keyboard :heart: and I have some questions!

    -If I buy some Razer Keycaps for the keyboard, it won't have the side printed function in the caps. Will it ever be possible to buy the keycaps with this option?
    -Another thing, I heard that Razer is making Keycaps in other languages, is it true? I would like to have the Huntsman Mini keyboard in Portuguese layout!

    Thank you and I will wait for an answer!
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  2. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member

    Currently there has been no official announcement of either of those products being released, however it is totally possible that they do release keycaps for the Huntsman Mini, and have keycaps in different languages as well.

    Since the Huntsman Mini is currently only available in the U.S layout currently, it is hard to say if they will support other layouts and languages at this time.
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  3. TomasGames

    TomasGames Member

    Ok, thanks for the answer! :)
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  4. TomasGames

    TomasGames Member

    Hi! In a recent video by BadSeed Tech where he reviews the Huntsman Mini, he mentioned that Razer would launch KeyCaps in other languages and layouts, for users around the world. Does this confirm my question above? Thank you!
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  5. Theflash97

    Theflash97 New Member

    Don't buy it at least for the purple switch ones, they wobble like crazy and the ping noise is insane. Wait for the linear version.
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  6. TomasGames

    TomasGames Member

    OK, thanks for the help. I think I will buy the keyboard with purple switches. I like loud keyboards. But before buying, I want to know if it will come in other languages. I think I'll just wait a few months.
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