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Huntsman Tournament Edition - Making my 10 toolbar lose functionality

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Zippee75, Nov 22, 2020.

  1. Zippee75

    Zippee75 New Member

    Hi All,

    My Huntsman Tournament Edition is making my Windows 10 toolbar not work. The pinned apps don’t appear and I can’t click on the windows Icon (just a blue spinning circle). I’ve tried the following actions to try to rectify the issue:

    - I’ve uninstalled synapse and reinstalled
    - I’ve done a fresh widows install.
    - updated the drivers etc etc

    I plugged the keyboard in to another pc, that had no keyboard or toolbar issues whatsoever, and the keyboard did the same thing to the other pc.

    Has anyone experienced the same issue? Is it a particular key that’s stuck that will cause it or do I need to sent it back under warranty? i’ve has the keyboard for less than 6 months with extremely light use.

    Any help or guidance will be greatly appreciated.
  2. I would say it is something clearly wrong with the keyboard I am not sure what it is but I would contact Razer support because you should have the one year guaranteed warranty on it and they will be able to help whether they fix it or send a new one!!! Good luck!
  3. My huntsman mini is doing the same thing even did a whole clean PC wipe and reinstalled everything thinking it was a windows issue but it is something definitely going on with the keyboards didnt happen until I plugged it in
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