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Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by KiwiMonkey, Jul 12, 2020.

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  1. KiwiMonkey

    KiwiMonkey New Member

    I ordered my Hyperflux/Mamba back in ?2018? it was as soon as they went on sale. It worked flawlessly, no problems at all. All of a sudden, a little while ago, I noticed that the mouse buttons (Left and Right, but not the scroll wheel) were behaving weird. Sometimes the left doesn't recognize double-click, sometimes both L and R don't recognize click-and-hold to move.

    In terms of games, say you're playing a first person shooter, you'd hold the Left Button down to continuously shoot, but when I do it, it fires a little, stops, shot, shot shot, stops. It's choppy, at best.

    If you're playing something like an MMO, and you click-and-hold either L or R to turn the camera, it initially starts like it's going to work, but then you drop camera control and your mouse just slides across the screen. Additionally, if you press both L+R to move, you might start out walking smoothly, but then you start stutter stepping as if one of the buttons is cutting in/out.

    For productivity, if you tripple-click a block of text, then try to click and drag that text elsewhere, the mouse button (L) drops out and you end up putting your text somewhere you didn't want to.

    I've gone through all the steps Razer suggested:
    Uninstall/Reinstall drivers, synapse, apps, etc.
    Plug cable from pad directly to mouse
    Canned air all through the mouse, buttons, any opening I can find

    Nothing seems to help, and it's getting worse, almost unusable.

    I was just wondering if anyone who owns a hyperflux has had the same issues? Also, before I order a new hyperflux/mamba package, is there any way to know if there's a newer version coming out anytime soon?
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