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i7 9750h Power Throttle.

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by CyberLocc, May 17, 2019.

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  1. KillerDblKK

    KillerDblKK New Member

    Has anyone figured out what happened to creator mode? I had it before I sent my 2018 Blade 15 in, got it back from repair, had to do some updates, and now I only have gaming and balanced mode options....
  2. freshRUBYPhlox526

    freshRUBYPhlox526 New Member

    So, just wondering is anyone in this thread running a blade with an 8750h? Im wondering because tbh, im not able to achieve any of the cpu frequencies that most everyone in this thread is mentioning. sure, my single core speed does go up to the higher 4ghz but the my all core speed in balanced mode (2060 advanced) pretty much maxes out at 3.2ghz and 3.5ghz in gaming mode. This is with undervolting ranging from -130mvs to -140mvs. So, this talk of achieving the 3.5-3.9ghz on all core at 80 degrees since I am already hitting 80 degree with my cpu at 30 watts.

    any help would be appreciated..
  3. KillerDblKK

    KillerDblKK New Member

    I have such cpu, with throttle stop undervolts and other settings, my max cpu load leaves me with 3.1-3.2 all cores. Temps high 70 low 80s.
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