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I'm officially dumping this brick.

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by CONIN, May 27, 2019.

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  1. CONIN

    CONIN New Member

    Going back when I bought the Razer Phone, I was expecting at least a decently polished product in every aspect, not just hardware and capabilities, but of course, also software and support; turns out this is just another crappy, shitty product from them, just as their peripherals are.

    This damn brick received software updates FOR LESS THAN A YEAR after being released: the last update is from July 2018, that's only seven fucking months, so, I'm left with an already obsolete device despite having paid a "flagship price" in exchange for a mediocre support, I cant' believe there are even cheaper, low end devices receiving software updates for longer than that, just an example, the XPeria ZX1 was released before the RP1 and is still receiving updates!, it's been months since that device was upgraded to Android Pie.

    And what about this Razer Phone crap?... simply nothing.

    I should have known this was going to be the same as with the rest of their products, but wanted to give them a chance and try out this supposed "flagship" phone.
  2. godashram

    godashram Active Member

    If I remember correctly.... the last update, that included the July security update was actually released in September, but that's besides the point. Zero updates since then... including fixes for bluetooth and other issues people have have been ignored. It's as if Razer thought everyone would ditch their RP1 for the RP2 on release.

    I mean, I love my RP1, but with razer's lack of support or even commenting on anything phone related, I cannot recommend anyone buy one at all.
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  3. CONIN

    CONIN New Member

    That's exactly one of the biggest issues besides having no updates at all, the fact that lost of bugs (bluetooth, for instance) have been present since day one with no solution at all.

    It's just unacceptable that a "flagship" phone stopped receiving updates just a few months after release.
  4. Buckster666

    Buckster666 New Member

    Already ahead of you, sold my Razer last week, brought a Pocophone F1, which has already been updated to Android Pie, and i have unlock bootloader, flashed pixel experience on it.
    Will never buy a Razer product again, just complete crap support and total disrespect towards their customers
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  5. CONIN

    CONIN New Member

    Totally agree, can't believe why so many youngsters think of Razer as a wonderful brand, when it's completely the opposite.

    Tomorrow arrives a XPeria XZ1 that I'm planning on using while I find a fool to buy my Razer Phone, and then I'll get a OnePlus 7 Pro... hoping to have better luck.
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  6. ProjNemesis

    ProjNemesis Member

    Unfortunately I'm still on contact. As soon as it finished straight to OneplOn 7 pro. Razer as a brand gone in the rubbish in my eyes. Can't recommend to anyone!
  7. paddn

    paddn New Member

    I am a new member here and got my first razer product last week (a razer deathadder elite overwatch edition mouse), and I think this is an AWESOME product, i simply LOVE it.... and since i made my insider account, i had several chat sessions with the wonderful customer support staff here, sometimes i chatted with them for HOURS (3 hrs were my maximum i think)... and not because they couldnt handle a problem i had, those were handled competently and fast by them... i simply asked them some questions about brand wars (like logitech vs razer for example) and they weren't even upset when i stated that logitech has the (overwatch) pro playerbase literally locked down... in fact they even laughed about my sometime cringy puns... i think the staff knows me by now ^^

    all i want to say is, buy your phones from brands which are DEDICATED to phones (like samsung or huawei or sth), but when it comes to peripherals, the razer team knows what they are doing and they support those much much better and more than sideproject products...

    @nhed @Alfredo @Aina and the other staff members: you are doing an awesome job, thank you for the follow-up e-mail correspondence regarding some of my questions and don't let these frustrated guys bother you. i luv u ppl :*
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  8. ProjNemesis

    ProjNemesis Member

    First of all you are posting in wrong place!
    Second you have right to say something when you buy Razer phone for £699 and will see how it feels when company dumps you!
    Thirdly, if you like that department support it doesn't mean that mobile department support is the same!
    Fourthly, Razer is not yesterday created company. If they decide to do a phone we were here to support them and we purchased them. It's their duty to look after loyal customers till the end.
    Fifthly, whole situation shows that Razer is not serious company and they are selling their stuff to BLINDED fanboys!
    We have a very good saying: It's better to brake your head then breaking your name!!!
    Verdict: bye bye Razer forever!
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  9. CONIN

    CONIN New Member

    If a brand is going to release a product intended for SALE, no matter if it's a freaking bread toaster or a server grade motherboard, they have to be committed to it because you are PAYING them for the device, otherwise they should have released a specific TOS making clear in advance that this crap of a phone would have support and updates just for 6 months after release, that way, you as a buyer should take the decision whether to buy the device or not at your own risk knowing that you'll get updates just for a few months.

    It's pretty clear you're messing things up, kiddo, you don't even know the difference between your beloved "support" and the one I'm talking here; don't come here to call us "frustrated guys" just because we're asking something that is our right as buyers.
  10. paddn

    paddn New Member

    but you clearly ARE frustrated, that was no insult, just observation... you are angry about the fact you paid a lot of money for a disappointing product, that would frustrate me too.

    dude, you surely somewhat know how it works in the industry... from time to time some overpaid corporate suit dickhead has the bright idea to branch out to get his share of the latest cashcow-product and he blindlessly orders R&D to build a version of that product, most likely with a deadline for the finished prototype that will NEVER can be met, just because he can't wait to cash in... the bottomline is, some engineers who are used to products which are fundamentally different from the new product do their best to tinker around enough to make it work, but because of inexperience and or an impossible to meet deadline, they HAVE to do a bunch of compromises which will ruin the user experience in the end and then they cover it up with a fancy design. all the while the AD department goes crazy, announces a polished product with a ton of features and promises (just look at the page for the razer phone 1, omg, that is some crazyshit overhype-move), essentially making the end result even worse. and after the release and the following shitstorm, the now angry dickhead from upper management gets angry, fires some staff who he blames for the fail and cuts the budget for the after-launch support, essentially hitting the last nail into the coffin. in case of razer, another dickhead tried to think as hard as he was able to (probably while sitting on the toilet) how to save the whole mess to get more of that sweet sweet money he loves so much. and BOOM! a second (in this case) phone hits the market, which is supposed not to repeat the errors of the first iteration... sometimes that really works, but most of the time, it does not.
    i mentioned samsung in my last post and i owned a galaxy S3 once, while my ex-gf had an S2 (i.e. 2 of the first tries to make a quality smartphone from samsung). it was very dissapointing what we both got for that much money, i remember swearing every day about some aspect of the experience i had. the first smartphone i really was pleased and satisfied with was the samsung galaxy S7, which i bought at launch and still use without any complaints or thoughts of replacing it.

    all i wanted to say is, when you are going to spend about 700$, you better go with some brand that has the dedication and experience to back up the claims they make about the product you want to buy. and usually the companies which have gone through many iterations of a product they are kinda specialized in, are the best bet when choosing the brand. most of the time anyway. there can always be a fucked up generation (*cough* amd phenom *cough*) in between, but it's not likely (amd ryzen, yay, redemption ^^).

    the customer care guys are the ones who have to deal with the fallout after the shit hits the fan though, so i wanted to give some love to them, because they REALLY try to help to mitigate all the problems they suddenly pop up after the launch of a broken product. at least here at razer. they do not try to sell you more bullshit, they are honest about things they do not have an understanding of (instead of reading a pre-written script for those cases like "did you try to turn it off an on again" lol), and IF their knowledge doesn't suffice, they go out of their way to make a live-chat happen with staff members of other departments like the tech-guys i chatted with yesterday, well, the guys who know what they (and you) are talking about.

    just saying... to repeat myself: i understand why you are frustrated, but don't blindly lash out at every part of the company, it's unfair to the staff that cares. other than that, you are of course allowed to "leave this brick", but nobody cares about if or if not you are really going to do that (most of the time ppl saying that are back after one or two weeks, sooooo). just slow down a bit before posting a bad review to stay as constructive as possible.
  11. paddn

    paddn New Member

    no i am not. i specifically replied to the subject (should have used quotes, but whatever). the first sentence i wrote wasn't supposed to introduce myself to the forum but to write about my own experience with razer and i added that i am fairly new because i thought it mattered that i am not some veteran razer "fanboy", but rather a customer that more or less bought a razer mouse because it had the overwatch logo on it, i wasn't even hyped about performance or something, just had 80 bucks to burn and my old mouse got on my nerves. that said, i was overwhelmed from the start about the quality and performance level of the deathadder elite PLUS i love the support chat function on this site...
    i was baffled when i plugged in the mouse and instead needing to find the right software download, the mouse had it all integrated and automatically started the installation menu of synapse 3 from where i could choose what i want to install and after that i was good to go. very cool, never saw that before.

    bottomline: razer knows how to produce quality MICE, period. phones? i doubt it.
  12. Dekades

    Dekades Community Cowboy Staff Member

    I'm officially locking this thread.

    Please keep conversations positive. For negative posts see Reddit.
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