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Intel 9th gen mobile CPUs landing in Q2 2019?

Discussion in 'Systems' started by .Z4x., Feb 11, 2019.


Which CPU will feature in the "new" Blade Pro?

Poll closed Mar 19, 2019.
  1. Dream on, the Pro has been discontinued

    0 vote(s)
  2. Top of the line, of course: i9-9980HK

    3 vote(s)
  3. Razer usually keeps it a notch below: i9-9880H

    2 vote(s)
  4. Keep it reasonable; the i9 is just too power-hungry: i7-9850H

    1 vote(s)
  5. Let's save a few more dollars (no kidneys left): i7-9750H

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  1. .Z4x.

    .Z4x. Active Member

    According to Intel's announcement at CES 2019, Q2 is the landing zone.
    for their H-series chips (other than that "holiday 2019" sound pretty far).
    11:20-11:45 in https://vimeo.com/intelpr/review/310012544/08a67480c3
    Does anyone have a hunch if Q2 will be closer to April 1st or June 30th?
    I'd really like a new Blade Pro with one of these puppies, assuming Razer
    still makes them...

    Hmm... slowly, but surely things are moving in the right direction...
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2019
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  2. Premo_

    Premo_ New Member

    If Razer make's further improvements to the cooling system on the next Razer Blade Pro, like what Razer did to the Razer 15 and discontinued the Razer Blade 14 so that they can put an overall better cooling system in their laptops, then I think that Razer can put the i9-9980HK in the New Razer Blade Pro. The only thing I worry about is premium price or the New Blade Pro compared the the Blade 15, which might have similar (not as powerful) specs but for a cheaper price. Since the Razer Blade Pro is out of most peoples budget range, I see more people flocking to either a cheaper, more balanced power and portability Razer Blade Pro in than an a New Powerhouse Razer Blade Pro. I'm excited for the new i9 chips soon to come into Razer Laptops and other laptop companies to see what companies do to their laptops. We just have to wait and see....
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  3. .Z4x.

    .Z4x. Active Member

    Personally, I'm more interested in a powerhouse (as opposed to balanced) version;
    so, I hope that your vision of an improved cooling system allowing for the unlocked
    top notch i9 part becomes a reality. May cannot come soon enough...

    For a "cheaper, more balanced option", and AMD-based variant could make sense

    That would pose an interesting dilemma... I'd probably abstain.
  4. Icesick06

    Icesick06 Member

    Honestly, i don't see really any reason for a 9th gen cpu at this point. Yeah, you get 2 more cores but that's only going to increase temps of the cpu across the board. And because of this they're going to have to lower performance even lower to keep within the 45w tdp that most higher end mobile cpu's adhere to. Until they get to a smaller Nm process node, Ill continue to stick to the 8th gen as that's already pushing it.
  5. .Z4x.

    .Z4x. Active Member

    Aha... wasn't 9th gen supposed to be 10nm as opposed to the 14nm found in the 8th gen parts?
    Irrespectively, I'm also hoping for SGX 2.0 (although I'll admit, I haven't seen that confirmed anywhere).
  6. Icesick06

    Icesick06 Member

    As far as I've seen, they are still running on 14nm++. No skrinkage, just refinements.
  7. .Z4x.

    .Z4x. Active Member

    That certainly holds true for the desktop parts already released.
    With the mess that Intel's latest generations turned out to be,
    a speculation is that the mobile segment _may_ bring 10nm.
    Perhaps, not all too likely... We'll soon learn...
  8. .Z4x.

    .Z4x. Active Member

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