[Introductions] Introduce Yourselves to Insider!

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Jenjar, Dec 17, 2019.

  1. Koenos

    Koenos New Member

    Hi. My name is Ali and I'm from Turkey. I'm following Razer's products since 2015. Finally, i could buy a razer equipment. I posted a question about it in my profile. Can you answer it if you can please?
  2. SgtShredder

    SgtShredder New Member

    Hello everyone! I'm SgtShredder and new to Razer insider and Razer Streamer! I am active duty Air Force and I've grown up with video games being a huge part of my life. I currently play a lot of Warzone, Cold War, GTA V and Fortnite. Some of my favorite games ever were the Halo series, The ELder scrolls series and Gears of War. I stream on Twitch and enjoy vibing with a positive community! I look forward to getting to know everyone!
  3. Timescaper

    Timescaper New Member

    Hey insiders! Just taken delivery of a Razer15 Studio Edition. The mobo on my workstation expired at the weekend so I decided to go mobile and will rebuild the pc as a renderbox for 3ds Max/Corona animations. I set up one of the first arch viz companies in the UK in the mid nineties and still get involved with CGIs when required though I mainly create timelapse films these day, hence the desire to go mobile rather than being stuck in my studio. Be interesting to see how well this thing performs with everything I'll be throwing at it.
    Looking forward to meeting everyone... I'm going to have plenty of questions.
  4. OliviaGoesGrr

    OliviaGoesGrr New Member

    Hiya! Im Olivia. I'm from Wa State and I'm a new user of razer products and loving every minute of it! I play a little bit of everythiing!
  5. welshginger3

    welshginger3 New Member

    Hey there, Mike AKA WelshGinger3 here! I have been gaming for as long as I can remember (waaay back to the C64 era!) I am a regular Twitch streamer, I love streaming games like Outlast, Alien Isolation and Phasmophobia and will be picking up a Razer headset soon. I have the Razer Emote Display which I love!
  6. Y.O.N.D.U.

    Y.O.N.D.U. New Member

    Hello all. Newbie here. Hope to get along with you guys.
  7. wegaxx

    wegaxx New Member

    Hello community my name is Bruno From Portugal, currently i have in my own an headset a mamba mouse, my next step its to acquire a keyboard, honestly razer rules, they have the best quality in the market that'ss the reason why we are to many people at this forums... Keep going razer
  8. vmespadas

    vmespadas New Member

    Hello Razer Community! I'm kinda new to the razor family. Although I did have a razor adder gen1 years ago and did not like it, I do like a lot of what razor has put out and the future of it's products.
  9. lakutagoomba

    lakutagoomba New Member

    Just joined after liking the gear Razer is producing. Mostly single player games I enjoy such as Alyx and Agard's wrath. Looking fo forward to more of that.
  10. esportcostarica

    esportcostarica New Member

    Hello, my name is Diego Rojas, Im from Costa Rica, I am an organizer of gaming tournaments in my country, I am new to Razer, I hope to grow together with Razer. You can find me as esportcostarica on social networks
  11. TheSilverSage

    TheSilverSage New Member

    I am Silver and I come from the UK. I have been a fan of Razer, and im massive fan of razer, my current favourite piece of hardware being the Black shark V2.

    Outside of Razer, I also have interests in computers as a whole, and of course, playing video games. Currently, my favourite games are CS:GO and Apex Legends.
  12. klr_vultur

    klr_vultur New Member

    Good morning razer insiders my name is michael or even klr_vultur!! I recently joined you thanks to the #razerstreamer project and I am very happy to be here to introduce myself to you and to this beautiful community. My main passion is video games especially games such as apex and warzone. I'm also thinking about expanding my gaming experience, as I play xbox, buying a computer and of course razer peripherals
  13. augustuw_2000

    augustuw_2000 New Member

    Hi, my name is Blazej, I'm from Australia.
    Recently purchased the Razer Viper Ultimate with the charging dock and have fallen in love with it. So much so that i had to follow up with the Razer goliathus extended chroma.
    The only thing that I'm not proud of at the moment is purchasing the Steelseries Apex 3, don't get me wrong, it looks and feels amazing but i just want the family to be complete with the Razer huntsman v2 analogue. But it all comes down to $$.

    Anyway, when i get a bit of time to be on the PC, i play CS:GO and some Heroes of Might and Magic 3
  14. Don_CorleoneGr

    Don_CorleoneGr New Member

    Hi my name is Christos im originaly from Europe -Greece. Im 31 and im new into gaming community and one thing i know for shure - i love Razer
  15. sounds familliar

    intruduce, say hi ... :D
    hi here i am

    btw I'm a gamer not sure what im searching here
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  16. androidvixen

    androidvixen New Member

    Hello. I go by Elliot. I'm from Portland, Maine. I play Apex, Warzone, Black Ops Cold War, Battlefield 5, Fallout 4, and Skyrim, among others. I use a PC (MSI GE72VR Apache Pro). I also play chess on my phone a bit.
  17. thizizemperor

    thizizemperor New Member

    awasome rewards are available only in razer gold
  18. thizizemperor

    thizizemperor New Member

    razer silver is the best
  19. Arkangyl

    Arkangyl New Member

    Hi there! I'm Sthan (Shee-Ahn) and I primarily record videos in Fallout 76, Dead by Daylight and ESO.
  20. johnnyblu84

    johnnyblu84 Member

    Hi guess its about time I say Hello, I am JohnnyBlu, I am a fairly new Razer fan, so far I have been happy with all my Razer choices. Thank you for welcoming me here
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