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Just picked up a Razer Blade 15 from Bestbuy - Open Box Excellent - 230W power adapter issue

Discussion in 'Systems' started by scrapple, Jul 29, 2019.

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  1. scrapple

    scrapple New Member

    Opened her up, plugged her in, and the little green light on the 230 watt power adapter is not lit... wont seem to light with different outlets tried.

    What are my options? Is their any warranty with Open Box Excellent?
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  2. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Tell Best Buy it’s not Excellent:smile_:. Joke, excellent should mean it works without issues at least here in Germany, like on Amazon or big physical stores. I would go back there and tell the ac adapter doesn’t work maybe asking new adapter or compensation for new one. About warranty from Razer i think it’s only for refurbished unit from Razer store, open box should be handled by reseller.
  3. Sonnyoi

    Sonnyoi Active Member

    did you push the cord in firmly into the psu? usually you get 15 days to return it, so I'd say return it or have them replace the PSU.
  4. scrapple

    scrapple New Member

    got the new adapter from Razer, works perfectly..

    but the system wont update to 1.05, its on 1.03 firmware... its grayed out wont let me install it.
  5. Sonnyoi

    Sonnyoi Active Member

    make sure its the correct firmware, what year is your model? rtx? gtx? 8th gen 9th gen?
  6. scrapple

    scrapple New Member

    2019 rtx 2060 rz09-02886
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