Keyboard layouts and the Huntsman V2 Analog or Blackwidow V3 Pro

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Meerschaut, Apr 3, 2021.

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    Hi all,

    first of all sorry if i posted this thread in the wrong section.

    I had a Blackwidow V3 Pro but the keyboard had the problem of double tapping, i had contact with razer support, they gave me a firmware update for the double tapping but unfortunately the problem stayed after the update so i sended the keyboard back to the retailer i bought from. I'm thinking of buying the new Huntsman V2 Analog.

    My first question:
    do i buy the new Huntsman V2 Analog or do i stay with the Blackwidow V3 Pro?
    (I can't decide which to take)

    I'm from Belgium, as keyboard layout we use the Belgium Period as layout (that is a AZERTY layout).
    The only layout that is possible to buy with the razer keyboards (that is AZERTY) is the french layout (as far as i know, i don't know what the other layouts are if they're QWERTY or AZERTY). I had my Blackwidow with a french layout but unfortunately i find the finish of the keys very ugly and they are in french. I was thinking about buying the keyboard again with the french layout and buying a second set of keys (with a other layout) so i can change the keys that are in french like the esc button and the print screen button and change the numeric keys because they are also ugly with the french layout. they only thing i don't know from the different layouts is where the buttons like < > , ? ; . : / = + ù % ` £ ^ ¨ $ * € and so on are.

    my second question:
    does someone has pictures of all the keyboard layouts razer sell (US layout, UK layout, German layout, French layout, Nordic layout and Spanish layout)?

    my third question:
    does someone know how i can make a keyboard that has the nearest setup like the Belgium period layout, which key sets do i need to replicate the Belgium period layout and without the ugly french keys?

    Thank u all for reading and helping!

    have a nice day and stay safe

    with friendly greetings
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