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Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by lyd1aa, Jul 6, 2022.

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  1. lyd1aa

    lyd1aa New Member

    so apart from this one thing, everything with my headset is fine. when im on spotify, discord, youtube ect the sound from my headset is normal. however, when i open ANY game, the sound messes up. it sounds like the sound is playing from speakers in a big and empty room. if i play spotify over a game, the music audio quality is awful and i end up just turning it off. if i'm in a discord call, the voices are way too loud (i have tried turning their volumes up and down, turning up the game volume ect.) and i can hardly hear the game. i get better game audio quality from my crappy speakers. when i close the game you can hear the sound go back to normal. while im on shitty game audio, my pc volume adjustments dont work properly for the headphones. there is absolutely no change in volume unless you turn the volume up by about 10. i have to have the pc volume on 100 to hear anything well. also, if i take my headphones off i can hear the sound coming out of them way way louder than if the audio was normal. its like they turn into some shitty speakers instead of a headset. is this an issue with the headset, if so is it a feature i can turn off somewhere or something (because its awful), or is it just something with my pc? sorry if this is obvious, i'm pretty clueless
    thanks c:
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  2. aryaemma

    aryaemma New Member

    The Kraken Kitty uses a USB port and is compatible with personal computers and laptops. Access to Chroma lighting control The Razer Chroma lighting on Razer Youtube mp3 activated when plugged into a power bank, allowing you to turn on the charm
  3. lyd1aa

    lyd1aa New Member

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