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Kraken Ultimate Help!?

Discussion in 'Audio' started by kirexxxx, Oct 16, 2020 at 6:11 AM.

  1. kirexxxx

    kirexxxx New Member

    I recently purchased the Kraken Ultimate during prime days, upon arrival I eagerly hooked up the headset and updated synapse. I altered the settings a bit within synapse to get a good sound when listening to music... then it was time for some Warzone, and I sadly have to say that I'm extremely saddened at how bad this headset sounds, both stereo and surround sound make me feel like I'm gaming inside of a barrel, I hear a chest in Warzone and couldn't even tell you where its at... I've seen youtube videos and posts that give praise to this headset, so I'm honestly assuming its an operator error, but could anyone give me some advice, or even better and audio profile to download to try and sort this out?

    Edit: Just wanted to add, I have the gaming inside a barrel sound in all games that I have tried: CoD MW, Diablo III, Valorant, and WoW.

    All help is greatly appreciated, and I apologize if I missed a post about this already, I browsed but didn't find anything, so please redirect me if need be.

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  2. jschardt10

    jschardt10 New Member

    having same issues, crates are way too loud gun fire too quite.... there has got to be a audio profile someone has
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