Leviathan - aux - humming while restarting

Discussion in 'Audio' started by DASBEAN, Oct 12, 2021.


    DASBEAN New Member

    Hey all,

    Just hooked up the Leviathan speakers. All around, pretty happy with them (minus lack of any control within Windows); however, an odd issue. When I restart my machine, there's a loud humming coming from the sound bar. This ONLY occurs during a restart.

    Any thoughts?

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    DASBEAN New Member

    Also, it happens with the speaker on and laptop turned off.

    DASBEAN New Member

    Tried a new cable, same result.
  4. Hi.jk

    Hi.jk New Member

    Yes I noticed this with mine as well. After resuming from sleep, playing any sound through the speakers again (like adjusting the volume) made it disappear. I assumed it was due to interference from the analog input, so I bought the Douk Audio U2 USB to Optical-out adapter on eBay to connect to the Leviathan's optical-in. The sound is now much cleaner and louder, and the hum has gone away.
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