Lighting Quick Effects NOT Saving to On-board Memory (AGAIN, ALWAYS)

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by tnt_k9, Nov 30, 2021.


Should Razer make good on its stated function of saving Lighting Quick Effects to on-board memory?

  1. Yes - as a clearly stated key feature, the opposite would be confusing, false, and irresponsible

  2. No - it is reasonable to shy away from so, since many users are expected to always run Synapse

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  3. Never Mind - it is a chaotic world for electronics anyways

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  1. tnt_k9

    tnt_k9 New Member

    It seems this infamous issue has not been met with its deserving attention for Razer to take responsible actions for years. As the other older posts are mostly no longer open, here is another resurrection of the growling call for positive change for user experience, technical inconsistency, false advertising, business integrity, and more.

    In the simplest, Razer Synapse 3 interface states, next to the settings for lighting, "Quick effects are presets that can besaved to a device's profile and synced with other supported Razer Chroma-enabled devices".

    So far, according to personal experience, I can testify that the BlackWidow Elite (2020.08) RGB keyboard, which allows 4 on-board memory profiles, and the Basilisk V2 (2021.11) Wired RGB mouse, which allows 4 on-board memory profiles and 1 hybrid profile (for latest used profile), still do not save Lighting Quick Effects (E.g. single static colour) to any on-board memory by Razer Synapse 3 of various versions that are released during 2020.08-2021.11 (up to version 3.6.1130.111217).

    Surprisingly oddly, the DeathAdder Essential (2019.02) non-RGB mouse, which allows none on-board memory profiles, does maintain a predetermined brightness level with the static effect for the green lighting after Razer Synapse 3 and all its relevant services have been fully exited (verified in Windows Task Manager and Services).

    I shall spare any further lengthy criticism here, for the problem has been evidently obvious for years with countless users. Just hoping more resonating users would second the situation and the second the request, so that Razer can resolve responsibly accordingly (i.e. do what you say, or just do not say what you do not do) sooner than later.


    An ardent user
  2. xenomorph512

    xenomorph512 New Member

    I have just found out that the lighting effects don't save to onboard memory on the Basilisk V3 I just purchased. Hugely disappointing. I don't want the Synapse software to be running in the background constantly. This needs to be fixed!
  3. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Chroma settings are not saved into onboard memory.
    Synapse is required to manage it.
  4. xenomorph512

    xenomorph512 New Member

    I know, and it's ridiculous. The devices shouldn't be dependant on software remaining open to a switch between these profile settings. What is the point of having the onboard memory if it can't even save full profiles.

    If they don't change this functionality, this will be my last RGB based device purchased from Razer considering their competitors offer solutions that WILL remember lighting profiles.
  5. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Dunno, it's Razer's decision.
    I also would have avility to save Chroma settings into onboard memory (at least the pre-defined ones) - even for the cost of less profiles to be saved into memory.
  6. xenomorph512

    xenomorph512 New Member

    It's an extremely poor decision for the end-user. Forcing gamers to run additional software in the background to use their own lighting profiles is just very bad design out of principle. I emphatically urge Razer to consider lighting profiles to be saved to onboard memory in a future firmware update for their devices.
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  7. selachiix

    selachiix New Member

    I use a Mac app called "Razer" that stores static colors or other effects to the on-board memory. It's the only way I know how to set a static color for my Chroma devices to the on-board memory, without needing the Synapse app.

    Hope this helps someone..

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  8. inoran_st

    inoran_st New Member

    So sad that I don't have a Mac...
    When can Razer fix this stupid issue? Apparently this is not a hardware limitation.
  9. WRATH1776

    WRATH1776 New Member

    WTF I'm returning my keyboard RIGHT NOW. I'm not running bloatware synapse 24/7 so razer can sell my usage data.
  10. tnt_k9

    tnt_k9 New Member

    Hey, thanks for sharing the workaround! Any suggestion where to find this "Razer"? Thanks!
  11. tnt_k9

    tnt_k9 New Member

    It has been about a half year since the post. Hate to say that I am still using the products (Blackwidow v2 and Basilisk v2) and still spending meaningless RAM and CPU for the constantly crashing Synapse and frequently clicking close the sneaky "[update available]" and "[no more support for win8]" pop-up windows from Razer Synapse. Sustaining these annoyance for the favourable type-writer-like green switch and the resistance-adjustable scrolling wheel. However, these does not make it fine to have crippled features and deceiving advertising... Looks like there are new versions of these products recently, so hoping new customers could find Razer steering away from dishonesty some day.

    Btw, if any potential fellow customer is wondering, also not all profile settings can be saved to the on-board memory of these products. For example, key combinations that opens particular software or do specific tasks may not be saved... Details are indicated by Razer Synapse settings.

    Meanwhile, what can actually be saved for lighting - oh, there are actually two lighting settings that can be saved to the on-board memory, seriously - are brightness level and light-off (they might be the same, but since mouse does not have brightness buttons, perhaps it can be said as "two" settings)! Cool...

    P.s. Happy to see 20 people and 100% voted for the "Yes - as a clearly stated key feature, the opposite would be confusing, false, and irresponsible" choice in the poll.

    Thanks for sharing and helping each other,

    An ardent user
  12. I'm having almost the same problem just I don't seem to have a memory icon
  13. twin33

    twin33 New Member

    very disappointing im returning my viper right now. the synapse program lags all my games when i move the mouse cause of the bloatware
  14. h7rdq

    h7rdq New Member

    You can try OpenRGB. It doesn't stress your PC like Razer Synapse.
    But it does not save the profile, it should be in the autorun. It uses less than 3 MB of RAM. upload_2022-8-30_11-46-42.png
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