Looking to get cooling recommendations for the Razer Stealth 13 Laptop

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Oryyn, Oct 29, 2020.

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  1. Oryyn

    Oryyn New Member

    Im not sure if this belongs here, so I apologize as a first-time poster. But I have a Razer Stealth 13 Laptop, and found as a gaming laptop (which is what I mostly use it for), the WASD keys get extremely hot when running games like WoW or Overwatch. To the point where it pretty much burns my fingers after 15 minutes of gaming.

    I usually am in bed playing with a pillow to prop up the screen, which may or may not prevent the fans from grabbing cool air to flow through it. But it still gets hot even if I put it on a flat service.

    Question is, should I just get a simple cheap two-fan cooler to go under the laptop as-is? Or will something like Razer's Chroma Laptop stand work too? (since the stand props the laptop up, the fans will get more air - also it looks cool).

    Everything else is fine with this system though, I love it! I just would rather save my fingers lol
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