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Mac Synapse 2 Support

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by radioMiddleBluePurple180, Sep 28, 2020.

  1. Since IOS updated to Catalina in late 2019 - Synapse 2 has been coded as a "legacy" item and is a Security treat on my IOS system. My mac is constantly rebooting until it essentially disables and removes the software extensions from the system and gives me an error message saying I have to "grant permission" and that I need to notify the Razer that they need to update the software. I had an open case since DEC 2019 and this has still not been resolved. I'd just like to know if Razer is going to STOP support of all mac software going forward...I have 5 products and just recently ordered the wireless mouse and NONE of it works on Synapse 2. and Synapse 3, of course is not even supported for mac.
    Can someone from Razer please provide a CLEAR communication to the MAC gaming community so we know what's going on??!!!
    I have Mac IOS 10.15.7 (not currently supported on any Software download page)
  2. deltlover

    deltlover New Member

    Ditto. Why do you not even respond?????
  3. 7r1N5tr1n69r

    7r1N5tr1n69r New Member

    So I'm supposed to trash my Razer products--and reviews?
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  4. headSmittenbus570

    headSmittenbus570 New Member

    Looks like no one from Razer is going to answer... We won't be able to use our Razer devices
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  5. _Anomander

    _Anomander New Member

    Hopefully they are so busy creating software that will work for MAC users that they can't respond. I don't think it's the case unfortunately. So much for the hundreds of $s you all and myself have spent on their gear. It is very unprofessional not to at least acknowledge the needs and questions of So Many users. Very Disappointing!!
  6. ElRay70k70h

    ElRay70k70h New Member

    If software support is a requirement, return the hardware. The official policy is that all future support will be through Synapse 3.0 for Windows only. The labeling on the box is old (at best), if not outright fraudulent.
  7. TizTastic

    TizTastic New Member

    Excellent, just received a device today which I was really looking forward to but now needs to be returned. Great work. Wish I had done the compatibility research as opposed to usage as the packaging is VERY misleading.
    Upon searching various forums on the same topic, there is not a single official response - Razer Support seems to be next to nothing at best.
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  8. Synapse 3 needs to be on Mac, for the same reason Synapse 2 was on Mac.
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  9. smartOchreguide808

    smartOchreguide808 New Member

    The support is very evasive about the theme support of Mac OS. It seems their developers of Synapse 2 stopped the development and run away to other employers? My suggestion is that everybody Mac user must confront the support that they see what they are doing. It is similar like you buy a brand new car and after 1 year of using the car manufacturer stops all support with no availability of spare parts. You are asking “what happened, my car is only one year old”. And the answer of Razer is: “use another one”...
  10. deadroad503

    deadroad503 New Member

    Hi guys, to get Razer products working on Mac OS Catalina and later with the new security restrictions, all I had to do is add RzDeviceEngine, Razer Synapse, RzUpdater, and Razerhid.kext to Full disk access, Input Monitoring, and Accessibility in the privacy tab. Once I did this, Synapse 2 stopped prompting to click the non-existent "allow" button in the security panel and everything worked again except i can't minimize the Synapse window using the button in app but that was fixed by right clicking synapse on the dock and then hide.
  11. Revell13

    Revell13 New Member

    I just tried all of that and its still not working... all I want to do is assign my 7 side buttons to keyboard keys and it doesn't recognise the keystrokes when I impute them, sometimes it gives me really random keys instead of what I'm actually typing
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